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Orthopedic shoes

Girls, my legs started to hurt lately. I went to the doctor’s office, and she said that I didn’t have the right shoes and it’s advisable to buy orthopedic shoes, then the problems with pain will disappear. What do you think, is it worth wearing this kind of shoes? And where can you buy it from us in Kazakhstan?
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Answered on July 8 08:47
Maybe you just walk a lot in heels? Maybe you should just pick up comfortable shoes, like ballet shoes and the effect will not take long to wait? Where to buy I will not prompt, never acquired for myself orthopedic shoes.
Diana B
Diana B
Answered on July 8 08:53
The author, I would not neglect the advice of a doctor in your place. I believe that the right shoes can really solve your problem. These shoes are very comfortable to wear, and also removes the pain when walking and improves overall health. By the way, in Almaty you can buy women's orthopedic shoes, for example, here
Anna B
Anna B
Answered on July 8 08:58
As soon as I started to wear the correct orthopedic shoes, I have many problems associated with the musculoskeletal system disappeared. So do not torture yourself and your feet.

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