What is geography

What is geography? Vera Melnikova January 25, 2015 A fascinating and very interesting activity is to find out the meanings of words, all the more ambiguous and foreign-language. For example, what is geography? What does this familiar word mean at school? We will try.

Are there dragons

Are there dragons? Ivan Kabanets August 13, 2012 Dragons are living creatures from myths, legends and tales of all the peoples of the world. They are mostly described as huge flying snakes spewing flames. Of course, in the modern world flying (and even more.

How to do fitness

How to do fitness? Every woman knows that fitness is not just necessary, but also very beneficial to health and body shape. After all, it is not a secret that girls involved in fitness always attract admiring men's looks to themselves. If you decide.

What is the body

What is an organ? Ksenia Gaynulina August 31, 2014 The word "body" has several meanings that vary with the stress in the word and the context of the sentence. Consider some of them in this article. Authority Firstly, there is such a thing as.

What is justice?

What is justice? Tamara February 3, 2015 Many words and definitions came to Russian from Latin. Consider what justice is. Justice literally means legality and justice. It is also a multi-level system that includes judicial institutions or judicial departments. It refers to the legal.

Little Snowman

Little Snowman If your child needs to do a New Year's craft in school or kindergarten, then this master class will tell you a simple idea. You and your daughter go son in just one evening make a funny snowman from scrap materials. For.

Finger Theater

Finger Theater Finger theater based on Russian folk tale "Teremok" Materials and Tools: - multicolored hard felt 1-1.2 mm thick. Soft felt is not suitable, because it does not hold the shape; - black beads for the eyes (you can replace the French knot);.

My creations

My creations In my free time from school, I love to draw. And since I'm studying at the moment in fifth grade, during these five years, I have a little daddy with my drawings. And now I want a little bit different. That is.

Wire Snake

Wire Snood Every experienced angler, already in the summer, prepares for winter fishing in advance. He sets up tackles, repairs baits and makes homemade fishing with his own hands. Purchased lures can be beautiful and catchy, but the tackles made with your own hands.

Where to order the installation of heating

Where to order installation of heating? I have a country house in the Moscow region. Almost completed. On the turn of the heating. I know that this is not an easy task. Therefore, the artist I want to choose the most reliable. Tell me.

How to understand what else you love

How to understand what else you love? Sometimes it is difficult for us to understand our own feelings, especially in love relationships. Often we do not appreciate the relationship with a person, and after breaking up, we understand that we still love him. Often.

Red horse made of thread (toy-motanka)

Red horse made of thread (toy-motanka) Cute doll-motanki, which are used to decorating interiors in a folk style, and just for decorating a children's room, living room, kitchen. It is pleasant and not very difficult to make them, so the idea of ​​making such.

Words that cannot be spoken in the royal family have become known

Words that cannot be spoken in the royal family have become known. Toilet The royals never say "toilet". You will soon hear a detailed "lavatory" or informal "loo" (loo), but here's the toilet - never. Forgot what word you can say and what you.

How to live with the mother-in-law

How to live with the mother-in-law? Great relationship, long-awaited wedding, official marriage registration and cohabitation. And everything would be fine, but “ce la vie” - your mother-in-law will live with you. How to live with the mother-in-law under one roof? How not to spoil.

How to make an infinite potion in Minecraft

How to make an infinite potion in minecraft? Ekaterina Ermolaeva October 1, 2014 Minecraft is a game that captures the minds of many. Before you opens a whole world with maps, adventures and complete freedom of action. In Minecraft, for example, there are special.

How to cook delicious mushrooms

How delicious to cook mushrooms mushrooms? Mushrooms especially appreciate mushrooms, and for good reason, because this is one of not only the most delicious, but also the most useful types of mushrooms. They have a bright orange hat and a light, pleasant smell of.

What is dangerous pancreatitis

What is dangerous pancreatitis? Anna Mikhailova December 19, 2014 Pancreatitis is an inflammatory process that occurs in the pancreas. It starts due to the fact that the enzymes that are produced by such an organ, for one reason or another, do not enter the.

Professions pictures for kids

Professions pictures for kids Educational cards with professions for children from 3 to 7 years old will definitely come in handy when practicing with a child in kindergarten, developing groups or at home, along with cards with images of animals or cards with colored.

Question about clothing site

Question about clothing site Good morning to all respondents, I wanted to know if someone ordered things from this site? I want to order a T-shirt for the summer, the description says 100% cotton, but only the price confuses. [url = [/ url] There.

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