Words that cannot be spoken in the royal family have become known

Words that cannot be spoken in the royal family have become known. Toilet The royals never say "toilet". You will soon hear a detailed "lavatory" or informal "loo" (loo), but here's the toilet - never. Forgot what word you can say and what you.

How to live with the mother-in-law

How to live with the mother-in-law? Great relationship, long-awaited wedding, official marriage registration and cohabitation. And everything would be fine, but “ce la vie” - your mother-in-law will live with you. How to live with the mother-in-law under one roof? How not to spoil.

How to make an infinite potion in Minecraft

How to make an infinite potion in minecraft? Ekaterina Ermolaeva October 1, 2014 Minecraft is a game that captures the minds of many. Before you opens a whole world with maps, adventures and complete freedom of action. In Minecraft, for example, there are special.

How to cook delicious mushrooms

How delicious to cook mushrooms mushrooms? Mushrooms especially appreciate mushrooms, and for good reason, because this is one of not only the most delicious, but also the most useful types of mushrooms. They have a bright orange hat and a light, pleasant smell of.

What is dangerous pancreatitis

What is dangerous pancreatitis? Anna Mikhailova December 19, 2014 Pancreatitis is an inflammatory process that occurs in the pancreas. It starts due to the fact that the enzymes that are produced by such an organ, for one reason or another, do not enter the.

Professions pictures for kids

Professions pictures for kids Educational cards with professions for children from 3 to 7 years old will definitely come in handy when practicing with a child in kindergarten, developing groups or at home, along with cards with images of animals or cards with colored.

Question about clothing site

Question about clothing site Good morning to all respondents, I wanted to know if someone ordered things from this site? I want to order a T-shirt for the summer, the description says 100% cotton, but only the price confuses. [url = [/ url] There.

How to connect 2 subwoofers

How to connect 2 subwoofers? Andrey Kim November 17, 2014 Watch the video How to connect 2 subwoofers? For true music lovers, sound is always small, and therefore they tune their loudspeaker system at full power. One of the basic elements of improving the.

What car to buy for 250000

What kind of car to buy for 250000? Have you saved money for a long time or are you going to take a loan to buy a car, but you can only count on 250 thousand rubles? And now you ask yourself what kind.

A man likes ears, or is it worth making him compliments

A man likes ears, or should I pay him compliments? How do you think that a man likes to hear compliments in his address? He loves, but is not recognized. Because the girls confidently occupied this niche and do not allow anyone there. In.

How to open the keyboard

How to open the keyboard? Elena Melnichenko August 18, 2014 During the operation of the keyboard, it is sometimes necessary to open it in order to clean or replace a broken element. But if the stationary keyboard is not suitable, then the question arises.

How to do a massage

How to make a massage? Massage is a great way to relax after a hard day’s work. You can learn to do it yourself and train your partner. It is important to know the basic rules of massage and some simple techniques. How to.

Can I feed tomatoes

Can I feed tomatoes? Anna Ivanova December 26, 2012 You are the future mother, and you are interested in the question whether you can nourish tomatoes. Proper nutrition is a prerequisite for the health of your baby, so it’s worth thinking about in advance.

How to cook vinegar

How to cook vinegar? Tatyana Eflina September 8, 2014 Vinegar is often used for the preparation of marinades, is widely used in preservation. What to do if there is vinegar at home, but no vinegar? You can prepare 9% vinegar from 70% vinegar essence.

Newspaper Cat House

Newspaper Cat House Hello, dear readers. If you are carried away by weaving newspaper tubes, you can make a beautiful cat house. Houses for cats are now sold in stores and you can buy them, but if you want, you can make yourself a.

How to grow garlic

How to grow garlic? The well-known garlic to all of us is a vegetatively propagating perennial bulbous plant, which has been cultivated in Russia since ancient times. Even the ancient Slavs and Scythians used it not only for food, but also for medicinal purposes.

Dent on furniture

Dent on furniture In this article I will tell you how to remove a dent not only on furniture, but also on any wooden surface. I emphasize that the surface should be uncoated, i.e. a natural tree or as it is called, an array.

What is restyling

What is restyling? Elena Melnichenko May 20, 2015 Like many other words, the concept of "restyling" came to the Russian language from English. Literally, it translates as a change of style or modernization. In fact, this word can describe the process during which the.

I feel bad

I feel bad! I do not know what to do! I am 12 years old. The temperature is 38, and the feeling is that 40. I was bought in a river called! Another plus runny nose. Previously, berry juice helped me with the temperature.

How to cook moss mushroom at home

How to cook moss mushroom at home Home-made boletus can be done in different ways - fry, boil or pickle for the winter. These mushrooms are not inferior to white in taste and useful properties. Mojoviki add to soup or fry with potatoes. The.

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