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Painting Simple painting on wood

Painting A simple painting on woodis a simple and at the same time interesting workshop that describes the technology of using stencils when drawing simple paintings for the interior, as well as painting on wood. The master class is simple and well suited for beginners and for joint work with children.

Materials and tools:

  1. boards;
  2. saw;
  3. grinder;
  4. drill and screws;
  5. carpenter's glue;
  6. clamps;
  7. printer;
  8. drawing;
  9. office knife;
  10. spray paint.

Step 1

We will cut the board into 50-60 cm pieces of 3 pieces - this will be a canvas, 2 boards to hold the boards for the canvas. Grinding all the boards.

We glue together 3 glue boards for carpentry glue, and also glue 2 boards for fixation (see figure) and, for the period of glue drying, we scrape the canvas with clamps.We also fasten the boards with screws.

Step 2

After the glue dries, proceed to painting. Wet sponge wipe the canvas, removing the dust.

Then comes the creative part, you can do as presented in the master class or use your sketch. Using the paint in the cans, we draw the background of the picture. Do not forget to give dry paint before applying the next layer.

Step 3

Make a stencil - print on the printer the main elements of the picture and cut out with a knife. Glue stencil masking tape on canvas and paint it with white paint. Remove the stencil and wait for the complete drying of the paint.

A painting with wood paintingis ready. The picture was very interesting and original, thanks to the irregularities and the natural pattern of the boards.


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