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Pearl Wedding - anniversary of 30 years of family life

From year to year, people who once married their union with marriage bonds celebrate this significant date. Each wedding anniversary has a specific symbol. If the lovers have been married for 30 years - Pearl wedding becomes their symbol. Since ancient times, this stone was a sign of feminine perfection and fertility. But it is not mined from rocks.

The pearl is a natural formation within the mollusk. She grows in her shell, acquiring form and strength from year to year. After many years, the pearl turns into a stone of dazzling beauty. The thirtieth anniversary is not in vain associated with this miracle of nature. After all, family ties are strengthened, grow, become stronger, like a magical mother of pearl bead, ripening in the sink.

And the years spent together are strung on a thread, like a necklace of pearl pearls. It is believed that the pearl lives 50 years. So family life - in the fourth ten is just beginning.Loving hearts, who learn new faces in each other, are just starting a new stage in their life together.

The most common is white pearl. But he has a lot of shades. This is very symbolic for both women and men. For women, white pearls are identified with a veil. Blue - symbolizes those dreams that have already been realized in marriage, green - the hope for further happiness.

Life energy and optimism means an orange tint. Red - the passion and ardor of feelings, which for a long time will warm the hearts and souls of lovers. Gray shade - a string of years, lived together. Warm and good relationship, reigning in the union, symbolizes a brown shade. The most expensive and rare pearls are black. It embodies the path you will take together in the future.

In the stronger sex pearl shades are also associated with feelings and hopes. The bronze shade expresses confidence in the future. Pink - dreams of a beautiful future. Lilac symbolizes the outlook on life. Golden-yellow pearls mean the charm and charm of the spouse, who is always with her companion.Black shade, for both men and women, symbolizes a long journey of life, which the lovers will go through together.

Celebrate 30 years together lived - Pearl Wedding, made in the circle of relatives and close friends. The best gift for the wife from the beloved husband on this anniversary will be a string of pearls with thirty strung beads.

They denote the number of years lived in a happy union and the strengthening of the marriage bond. Guests should give the family a variety of things in pink, white, mother-of-pearl and black. These shades symbolize the color of natural pearls.

So, as a pearl is considered a symbol of women's perfection and fertility, on the thirtieth anniversary should be present children and grandchildren of a married couple. They are the most important achievement for every family. After all, only in descendants is it possible to continue the race.

Now you know what kind of wedding is celebrated for 30 years of marriage and what you need to give on this anniversary :).


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