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Piercing history: 100 years in 3 minutes

Piercing - the permanent symbol of rebellion and pop culture - for at least a hundred years. Let's remember how it all began - let's see the video for the magazine Allure US. The history, as we can see, began to spin in the 20s of the last century, when women of fashion began to pierce their ears and wear earrings - simple or eccentric, like those of Gloria Swenson's film star. In the 40s, nose piercing, like that of oriental beauties, came into vogue; at 60–70, the most desperate began to compete in the number of punctures in their ears. In the 90's, rock stars taught everyone to pierce the language (which was considered very cool, although not everyone decided on this experiment). In the early 2000s, Britney Spears podsadila all of the jeans with a low waist and piercing the navel - the punctures became more and more aggressive. In the video you can also see the piercing of the neckline (the introduction of the bar in the center of the chest) and the Monroe piercing (a puncture on the upper lip, imitating a mole like Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and, of course, Cindy Crawford). Watch the video!


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