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Plumbing work quickly and professionally

Plumbing work quickly and professionallySooner or later, but everything in this world fails. If the faucet drip, it is still a small problem. But if the pipe burst from old age, then the bay of neighbors is provided for you. And if you bought a new apartment, then you just need to use the plumbing services.
After the move, my husband tried to do all the work himself. He spent a lot of time in the kitchen and managed to put the tap on. Then came through the connection of the sink faucet in the bathroom. Several weekends were spent, but nothing worked. After that, it was decided to call a plumber on the house. We searched the Internet and compared offers from several companies. The comparison was made on the cost of work, the speed of their execution, the quality of work and customer reviews.


It seemed to us that the company Vodokontrol would do the best plumbing work. The company liked the fact that its site clearly states how much this or that service will cost.Certificates and certificates that employees of the company can perform plumbing work and do it qualitatively. All professionals who work in this company have at least five years experience.


Water Control representatives maintain a page in social networks - this means that the company is open for cooperation and is not afraid of criticism. The site contains the address where the company is located, as well as all contact details. In which case, you do not have to put the company on the wanted list.


The company carries out all the work that can be associated with pipes and water. Installing our tap in the bathroom took no more than an hour. The cost of work turned out to be much lower than we initially expected. After the wizard left, we decided that it was not worth spending so much time on self-installation, and should have immediately contacted this company.


In the future, we plan to make repairs. I think that our turnkey bath will be completed with the help of the Vodokontrol employees. Moreover, the representatives of the company conclude a contract for the provision of services and give a guarantee on everything that has been done.


All the work that the employees of this company did can be viewed in the section “our work”: there are photos of the wiring of batteries around the country house, replacement of mixers,installation and connection of plumbing in the kitchen and bathroom, repair of sanitary rooms, disassembly and assembly of siphons, installation of a shower of domestic and imported production.


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