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Poems by May 9, to tears exciting and spiritual




Victory Day is a joyful, bright, bright and beautiful holiday, which is celebrated in Russia widely and pompously. War veterans, combatants and glorious rear workers are honoring everything from small to large. Some simply say warm, good words to the veterans and thank them for the peaceful sky above their heads. Others approach the issue more creatively and prepare for older people whole performances in which they sing songs and read tremulous, heartfelt poems by May 9. For everyone who wants to give veterans beautiful lines of verse on a beautiful May day, we have made a selection of the best poetic works dedicated to the glorious victory and events of the war years. Choose the option that you like and please your loved ones with kind words, cordiality, care and emotional attitude.

Verses by May 9 for elementary school are beautiful, kind and cordial

In elementary school, children are already well able to read and write, and remember from 3 to 6 quatrains for them is not difficult.Therefore, for the festivities dedicated to May 9, junior schoolchildren can be invited to learn by heart, and then recite in the public quite a long and large-scale poetic works. It is quite appropriate to look at the solemn matinee performance of all students of the class, in turn reading excerpts from the big poem on military themes in turn to readers, parents, teachers and veterans. A bright performance should be accompanied with a costume production and supplemented with suitable musical accompaniment. Thus, schoolchildren will be imbued with the spirit of the war years, show the best creative abilities and will please all present with their acting talents.



Bright stars are burning,

And in the Kremlin garden

Unknown Soldier

Sleeping in plain sight.

Over the granite slab

Eternal light is never extinguished.

The whole country is orphaned

She leaned over him.

He did not pass the machine gun

And his cap.

Unknown Soldier

Fell in a fierce battle.

Unknown Soldier -

Someone's son or brother

He never wars

Will not return back.

Bright stars are burning,

And in the Kremlin garden

Unknown Soldier

Sleeping in plain sight.

We lit the light to him

Under the wall of the Kremlin,

And his grave is

All the land, all the land.


Hang orders on uniforms,
Glitters gray in the head.
For them, Lenin and Marx are idols,
Esenin, Beethoven, Monet.

They are their honor and bravery
We are all proven in the war.
They fought not with swords
And not for a foreign country.

Mother stood up for the Motherland
To victory going through the year.
For us, they are each hero
Will remain forever!

Thank you, family, for courage,
Thank you for sunny May.
Let everything be as it should be:
Beautiful, loving, by chance.


Even then, we were not in the world,
When in a military storm a fire,
Fate deciding future centuries,
You led the battle, a sacred battle!

Even then we were not in the world
When you came home with a victory.
May soldiers, thank you forever
From the whole earth, from the whole earth!

Thank you, soldiers, you
For life, for childhood and spring,
For silence,
For a peaceful home,
For the world in which we live!

Poems for May 9 for kindergarten - short and simple

On the occasion of May 9, solemn matinees are necessarily held in kindergartens. Parents and veterans are invited to them, and with the kids they learn a whole holiday program dedicated to the Great Patriotic War and the glorious victory of our country over fascism.Children always take great pleasure in participating in such bright and colorful performances, they dance, sing thematic songs and learn poems. In order for the event to succeed and pass at the highest level, it is better for kids to choose poetic works of small sizes. Children can easily memorize them and at the right time beautifully and hesitate to recite from the stage to the delight of parents, educators, guests and veterans.



There was a war
And people died.
And he went for the soldiers' homeland.
He fought
And he was brave.
And beat the Nazis all in a row.
And so he reached Berlin.
Four years fought.
So what about my grandmother's dad
To everyone on Victory Day
Has told.


Victory Day! Victory Day!
On the parade we all go.
Victory Day! Victory Day!
We carry red flags.

Victory Day! Victory Day!
Notes the whole country!
Victory Day! Victory Day!
After all, she is our only one!

We carry flags with flowers
On the most peaceful day of the year.
Never know children
About war and about a trouble!


Morning fog melted, spring flaunts ...
Today, grandfather Ivan cleaned the order.
Together we go to the park to meet soldiers, gray-haired, like him.
They will remember their brave battalion there.

They will talk heart to heart about all the affairs of the country,
About wounds that still hurt from the distant days of the war.
Hikes will remember and fights
And their brave songs, probably, will sing.

They will sing about the courage of friends that fell into the ground;
They will sing about their homeland that they have saved from their enemies.
Saved the people of different countries from slavery and fire ...
I'm glad grandpa Ivan takes me with him.

Poems on May 9 to tears touching and soulful

May 9 - a joyful holiday, which is met with tears in his eyes. On this day, the whole country remembers warriors who did not live to see the end of the war and did not learn that Russia had managed to withstand and defeated the perfidious enemy. Once again veterans talk about bloody battles and loss of comrades, wipe mean tears from their wrinkled faces and smile, rejoicing that their grandchildren do not know all the horrors that the country experienced from 1941 to 1945. In a special way, the verse lines about fighters who have not returned from the front to their families are heard on this day. These words touch the immediate participants in the events to tears, and the youth who hear heartfelt rhymes, involuntarily feel sadness and a lump in their throats becausethat someone had to sacrifice their lives for the sake of today's peaceful sky, a bright sun and a bright future for the new generation.



The last shot was stopped for a long time,
The last moan of the forties.
Hurry year gait fast,
And melts the line of soldiers alive.
For our lives have died
Those who are old today.
With the last exhale shouted:
“Forward!” - to all the deaths contrary.
From the enemy's eyes, hiding behind a branch,
He was able to beat without a miss.
Only an eye, leaning on the rifle mark,
From tension numb.
One ... another ... fewer, fewer
Invaders of my land.
And on May Day, sometimes spring
Do not become them. And the world is brighter!
You had to go through half of Europe,
To finish them in his hole.
War spattered trails
Does not sweep dry wind.
And time for everyone on our Victory Day.
Remind memorable verb:
The enemy, and this is our credo,
Beat where he came from!
Prostration, soldier, from life,
From everyone you have shielded.
You saved freedom, the honor of the Motherland,
In the descendants of the memory deserved!


I beat the alarm, so much so that it was heard,
In the days of youth of long past years,
Not because we forgot youth
And in memory of those who are already in life.

And that youth was not at all long,
She went to the front at seventeen,
There, in Leningrad, near Moscow, on the Volga,
She broke off like an early color.

It broke ... But came into life a legend
And, as an example, survivors,
Not everyone got there ... much left,
On the rampant roads of the front.

Everyone feels death in body and soul.
The war has been going on for the fourth year already ...
No, youth is not gray with fear -
From the pain for the desecrated people.

And here is the Victory! Great effort
My people won us it.
So let the youth of the sons of Russia
As an early flower it blooms!


The brilliance of tears in the eyes, brilliance of military awards
About how war is hot
About this remembers that war soldiers.

Today, only a handful of them remained,
Front-line soldiers, war veterans,
From the army that fought at the front,
Of those who left we should.

Little in the memory of such moments
Thank you ... we will not forget the feat of war.
Live your feat in the heart of generations
Our debt before you is eternal, unpaid.

The pedestal sparkles, the facet shines,
Light spreads from the Eternal Flame
Immortal reminding Danko,
A soldier rises, calling me.

The memory of war is a holy memory
The pain is irrepressible, as if from wounds.
The widow will stop, tears dropping.
Here stands, the veteran will be silent.

For all these years, you have missed you so much,
We mourn and bow our heads to the chest.
Before your memory at the memorial,
We swear! We will never forget you!

Poems about May 9, short, cheerful and optimistic

You can write short poems about May 9 on a bright greeting card, on a page on a social network or send it to friends and acquaintances as a holiday sms message. A few clear lines will not be difficult to remember as a small child, and quite an adult. Therefore, this kind of poetic works is considered an ideal option for public speaking at a thematic solemn event at school, in a student audience or in a work collective. Short quatrains fit perfectly into the format of solemn wall newspapers and holiday leaflets, which is quite appropriate to decorate an educational or working room. Such an original and spectacular design will lighten the mood for all those present and create a joyful atmosphere even in the most strict office departments and executive offices.



Over the clear sky above us
We will thank you, our native soldier,
Because he fought without fear for the world,
For the fact that you shed blood in your exploits.

So let the smile play in the eyes
From the meaning that lies in these words:
There is no greater joy in the whole world,
We are grateful to you for your victory!

May holiday - Victory Day

Notes the whole country.

Put on our grandfathers

Battle Orders.

They call the road in the morning

At the gala parade,

And thoughtfully from the threshold

After them Grandmothers look.


Today we congratulate everyone
With a wonderful Victory Day,
May there be peace and laughter in life
And let forever leave troubles.

We give everyone this congratulations
So that the happiness in the world does not end,
Let these couple of cute lines
All veterans read.


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