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Herbarium Postcard

A greeting card with your own hands can be the best gift for mom, sister and other relatives. There are no ideas to create it: drawing with paints, appliqués from colored paper and even embroidery. We propose to consider the option of using dried plants. Samples can be collected in advance. Spring, summer, autumn flowers and leaves are perfect for the artwork. Composition No. 1 “Cornflowers” ​​ An ensemble of blue and purple cornflowers on a rigid basis. Background - pasted on cardboard matches. If desired, open with varnish. If you make a frame, it turns out quite a decent picture. Composition No. 2 “Nivyanik blue” The flowers are very similar to blue chamomile. The petals are narrow, the leaves are larger. Background - landscape sheet. In its corners of the branches of wild rose. You can sign a card if you arrange the dried flowers a little differently.
Composition No. 3" Solar Flower - Corepsis " Yellow petals are extraordinarily delicate, translucent.It is difficult to put them in the book to dry correctly, but the result is excellent. Background - dense green paper - associations with young shoots.  Herbarium
Composition No. 4" Jasmine " A branch of a spring fragrant flower is located on a brown glossy cardboard.
Composition number 5 "Bouquet" Lite version of the first postcard. You do not need to glue matches in the evenings, you can just use the album sheet.
When making appliqués in the Herbarium style, PVA glue was used. These turned out beautiful postcards. Mom will be pleased. [/L_REPEAT]

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