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Cards with Stencils

postcards with paper stencils
What materials will be needed for work?
materials will be needed for work
-Base for a postcard (I used a white cardboard rectangle measuring 16x13 cm) -Dense white paper on which the pattern will be cut (in the size of a double-folded basis for a postcard) -Print printer pattern that will be transferred to paper -Diverse decorations: ribbons, beads, laces, and so on (in addition, I used feathers, because I chose the silhouette of a bird as a pattern) -stationery knife -Paints -Boy water bottle -Brush -Paints (gouache is better because less water is used when painting with gouache than, for example, watercolor, therefore the paper will not be worn out from excess moisture)
-Palette -Pencil -Scissors -Glue So, let's get to work. Let's prepare the basis for the card.We take a cardboard, put an unnecessary sheet or oilcloth under it, so as not to soil the working surface and mix the desired color in the palette, and make a color stretch.
prepare the basis for the postcard
I used blue and gradually added more and more white gouache to it, the result was a smooth color transition, which will serve as a background for the postcard very well.
 prepare the basis for the postcard
If you wish, you can decorate it in a similar way Only pieces of cardboard to choose the best for the idea, and use the rest with a different pattern or for a different idea.
 prepare the basis for the postcard
In any case, they will not be wasted for nothing.
 transfer image from printout
The next step is to transfer the image from printout to thick paper. To simplify this process, you can attach a printout and a white sheet on the window.or another transparent flat surface and translate the drawing. You can draw your own pattern, drawing on the finished template. Here, everyone chooses his own. When the drawing is transferred to paper, we begin to cut it using a clerical knife. Be sure to put an unnecessary notebook, a stack of paper or oilcloth under the drawing - the working surface will remain intact and cut will be much more convenient.
transferring a picture from a printout
When the pattern is cut, the final step remains - to put all the details together. Glue our "clipping" on the basis for the postcard and decorate it, as fantasy tells you.
 postcards with paper stencils
This is the postcard it turns out from completely unpretentious and improvised materials.
 cards with paper stencils
Creative to you success!

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