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Practical bath mats in the original technique

The quilting technique has long become fond of needlewomen, because it can be used to dispose of the remnants of fabric. Of course, you can purposefully choose one fabric (or several different colors) to realize your idea, but sometimes you can limit yourself to what is left of past embroidery business.

You can also sew from denim - the rugs are very bright and original. Before proceeding with the sewing of such a rug, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the schemes and order of work.

The patchwork rug conditionally consists of two parts - a dense basis and, actually, rags (triangles). On the base, starting from the center, are sewn in a circle behind the shreds of squares 5 * 5 cm or more (which for convenience are pinned first with pins), row by row, with the next row overlapping the base of the previous one with tips. Thus, the line is not visible on the patchwork rug, which gives it an aesthetic and neat appearance.The base may be rectangular or round. You can experiment with the pattern and sew something unusual, but, of course, for the first time it is better to try to make a small rug or even a napkin (stand).

Details on how to fold shreds can be found in the instructions below. Please note: depending on how you fold the shred, the final appearance of the rug will depend. There are several options to choose from:

Here is the order of working with rows:

At the end, the center of the finished rug can be decorated with buttons, cloth or something else, at your discretion. But even if the base will “look out,” that's okay, the main thing is to pick it up in tune with the rags.


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