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Preparations of apricots for the winter - 5 photos of recipes, how to close

Apricot blanks for the winter

Apricot blanks for the winter

Today we will talk about how to prepare apricots for the winter. These fruits - fragrant, juicy, sweet - are loved by adults and children.


So you want their fragrance to remind you of the sun and summer, delight us with long winter evenings.


There are a great number of ways to make homemade apricot pieces, they can be dried, boiled jam, made stewed fruit, there are lovers for every dish.


How to dry apricots


The easiest and most reliable way to preserve the taste and beneficial properties of apricots is to dry them.


There are several varieties of dried fruits: dried apricots - dried halves of fruits, apricots - whole apricots with a rich taste, less known dried fruits - Kais and whispered.


Dried apricots contain the mineral salts of calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus, they are also a source of vitamin A and iodine.


You can dry the fruit with or without stones.The main thing is to wash them thoroughly, and then decompose them in the sun in a well-ventilated place. You can dry the apricots in the oven. The main thing is to gradually increase the temperature. You can store the blank in a paper or canvas bag.


Apricot blanks for the winter


Cook apricot jam


Jam from apricots turns out tremendously fragrant, with the sated taste and noble transparent-golden color. We need a kilogram of fruit, 900 grams of sugar, some water. To begin with, we wash the apricots, extract the stones and divide the fruits into four parts. Next, cook the syrup: on low heat, heat the water and dissolve sugar in it, stir constantly.


Apricot blanks for the winter


In a boiling syrup we fall asleep pieces of apricots and boil for 3 minutes, no more. The next 10 hours our jam is cooling off under gauze. After this time, the apricots need to be brought to a boil again, at this stage you can add a little lemon. Again, let cool and boil again, so repeat 3 times.


Apricot blanks for the winter


When you notice that the pieces are transparent and soaked with syrup, it's time to pour the jam into pre-prepared sterile jars and roll up the lids. Take care that the apricots are not digested, otherwise the pieces will turn out porridge, and the syrup will become cloudy.A pleasant bitterness and a deep aftertaste will give apricot jam almonds.


Apricot blanks for the winter


Apricot Compote - 2 Recipes


Compote can be prepared in various ways, we offer several to your taste. The first involves the use of whole fruits with stones, which will add to the drink aroma and pleasant bitterness. Per liter of water will need 300 grams. Sahara. We start, as usual, with the cleaning of apricots and removal of the stalks, then we lay the fruits in sterilized three-liter jars.


The number of apricots will depend on the thickness of the drink you prefer. It is time for syrup: add sugar to the boiling water, stirring constantly, make sure that it is completely dissolved. Fill the fruit with the resulting solution and let it brew for a while. Drain the syrup and boil it again. We pour our compote into jars and hack with metal lids. Until the banks cool down, they better support the inverted and wrapped up towel. Now the compote of apricots for the winter is ready.


Apricot blanks for the winter


Now try to make a compote of pitted apricots. We clean ripe and juicy fruits, then carefully remove the bones from them.To make the drink have an unusual flavor, you can add a sprig of lemon balm. We place the ingredients in dry and clean jars. Add sugar, based on your own taste preferences.


We boil water in advance, it is necessary to pour fruit with boiling water and carefully follow that there is no air gap. It is time to roll up the banks of the lids. Turn the cans upside down and wrap a warm towel. In addition to sweet apricot flavor, our compote will have fresh mint and sourish lemon notes, which is very refreshing.


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