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Proved: George Clooney - the most handsome man in the world

Ratings of the most beautiful and sexiest are always very controversial. Another thing is when plastic surgeons who are experts in ideal parameters are connected to the issue. So, eminent surgeon Julian De Silva studied the faces of famous men and came to the conclusion that the most beautiful of them is George Clooney. And this is not an allegation, his research of the guru of plastic surgery was supported by computerized cartography of the face, which uses the ancient Greek method of determining ideal proportions, namely the golden section.

George Clooney

The results seem incredible: the face of the 56-year-old Clooney corresponds to the ideal at 91.86%. So Amal can be proud of her spouse: it was not for nothing that for so many years they were considered the most beautiful man in the world, now it has been officially confirmed (it became even more interesting to look at the twins of a star couple!)

Post by Amal Clooney (@amalclooney)Oct 2 2016 at 1:26 PDT

Who else has the parameters of a person close to the ideal? Bradley Cooper (91.80%), Brad Pitt (90.51%), Harry Styles (89.63%),David Beckham (88.96%), Will Smith (88.88%), Idris Elba (87.93%), Ryan Gosling (87.48%), ex-member of One Direction Zein Malik (86.5%) and Jamie Fox (85.46%).


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