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Raspberry jam - five minutes for the winter in a slow cooker or saucepan, 5 minutes as a jelly, a simple recipe for thick cooking without cooking. How to cook delicious raspberry jam at home - recipes with photos and video


To roll up for the winter five-minute jam from raspberries like so many hostesses. And this is not at all surprising, because the recipe for creating a homemade delicacy is simple, does not require considerable effort and a lot of free time. At the same time, the result exceeds the highest expectations.Ready-made raspberry preservation is very tasty, juicy, rich, fragrant and not only decorates winter tea drinking, but also enhances the natural immunity of a person, has a beneficial effect on the body and reliably protects children and adults from manifestations of seasonal colds.

Five minute raspberry jam in a slow cooker - recipe with photos step by step

Raspberry five-minute jam, made in a slow cooker, is one of the easiest ways to make sweet and vitamin home preservation for the winter. The berries in this embodiment are subjected to the most minimal heat treatment and retain almost all of their useful and valuable qualities. Hermetic rolled up under the metal lid delicacy perfectly deserves to the harsh winter cold and on a frosty day not only pleases with its bright, rich taste, but also helps the body to strengthen the immune system and protect against seasonal colds.


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