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Refill cartridges yourself or look for a service?

Tell me, have you ever refilled the cartridges yourself? If so, which ink was used? I have an HP printer and now I think, or somewhere to look for a good service in Mytishchi, where I will be charged. Or learn it yourself. What would you decide?
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Answered on April 16, 17:17
And the meaning of all the torment and most fill? Even if there is nothing worthy in Mytishchi, for sure you often come to Moscow. And you need to refill cartridges every couple of months, well, once a month. You can take to Moscow with you and fill up there.
Answered on April 16, 17:25
And I always buy original branded cartridges. And do not refill them. Because the best of this, of course, they do not. In addition, I can afford at the expense of the company.
Answered on April 16, 17:32
What do you mean, what's the point? First, do everything at home, do not go anywhere. Secondly, it is cheaper to buy ink once, than to constantly spend money on refilling.I can even tell you a store in Mytishchi, where you can buy ink to refill HP cartridges. I left the link, I think, you will understand further. I hope something helped.

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