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Reinforcing mesh Moscow

Hello, pouring the foundation for the house, you need a reinforcing mesh. I searched many places, but I didn’t find the required diameter. I would be happy to help. Write, advise, share experiences.
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Answered on December 17, 2017 22:43
In general, I thought that with reinforcement only fences do. My grandmother in half of the village made a fence with reinforcement. Now I will know that it is not only intended for fences.
Answered on December 17, 2017 22:47
Did the screed in the yard. While I found the right diameter, too, sweated. I already gave up, and a friend says we went to the construction market, I was there the last time as a child. And immediately found there the desired diameter.
Answered on December 17, 2017 23:01
He helped a friend to make repairs in the apartment, picked up different materials for him. I have been sitting on the Internet a lot, I climbed on different sites, I can buy reinforcing mesh. I hope that I helped you with something. If that I can find a lot of things.

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