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Replacing the castle in Moscow

So believe that Chiza is safe locks. Our recently broke. Although no problems served for about 10 years. Now we use only the upper lock, but it is not the most reliable, so we are worried about security. Advise the wizard who specializes in the castles of this manufacturer in Moscow.
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Are you sure your lock broke itself? Maybe it broke at the time of the attempt to open? Personally, this option seems to me the most likely, because Cisa locks have a reputation for fairly reliable products.
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I also heard that the locks of the firm Sisa have a very good reputation, so the previous commentator may well be right. Author, try to contact the company Locks Master, which specializes in opening and replacing locks in Moscow, including locks �isa. Here is a link to the contacts of this company and the cost of replacing the locks, I hope you will be satisfied
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I, too, would be scared to close an apartment for just one lock, and not even the most reliable one.Such locks are usually professionals open in a couple of minutes without noise and dust, and drug addicts - in 15-20 minutes.

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