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Retro letter envelope for letters

Retro letter envelope for letters- the designer envelope is decorated with dried flowers, the corners and edges are toned with an ink pad.

Materials and tools:

  1. Mr. Painter set of paper for scrapbooking "Retro-motives";
  2. cardboard elements (chipboard);
  3. silicone stamp;
  4. block for stamps;
  5. double-sided tape;
  6. dried flowers;
  7. Stamp pad
  8. scissors;
  9. rope.

Step 1

On monochrome dense pink paper from the Retro Motives set, we draw the shape of an envelope letter.

Step 2

Now we make the same workpiece from blue paper. Double-sided paper that allows you to immediately get a beautiful reverse side.

Step 3

Next, in addition to the blanks themselves for envelope letters, we also make clips for them, which will allow the letters not to open. For each envelope we make them out of paper of a contrasting shade.Cut the clips with scissors.

Step 4

Now we fold the envelope letters according to the scheme invented. Bends do with the back of the stationery knife.

Step 5

Glue the blue envelope to the pink envelope, and the pink to the blue envelope.

Step 6

Next, we tint the edges of the clips using a dark brown stamp pad.

Step 7

Cut out scrub paper decoration in the form of a vintage circle. Glue it to the clip, fasten a decorative rope.

Step 8

Now also tint the edges of the envelope letters. Thus we give them an old look.

Step 9

The clip is decorated with a small bunch of dried flowers. Tie them with a string and glue them to paper with super glue. We put the envelope in the clamp. We sew to the front side of the envelope decorative cardboard elements in the form of small buttons. We also tint them with a pad.

Retro letter writing envelopeis ready.


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