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Riddle for the speed of three sons and wealth: who will receive the award?

Not all people are able to make decisions, but because some rely on chance or allow others to determine the outcome of events. So one rich mature man did not know how to manage his fortune, and therefore arranged a competition for his three sons. And not the usual, but with a trick.


So, the father said that whose horse will come to the finish line last will receive a huge reward. The sons sat on three horses and slowly walked - everyone wanted to win and get the treasure.

It would have been wandering young people, and no race would have happened. But three brothers met the sage on their way and asked him for advice. The sage thought and spoke a thought, after which not a minute passed as they rushed to the finish line, that there are forces. What did the sage say?

The correct answer can be found below, but only to check yourself!


Photo source: pixabay.com

It turns out that the sage told the brothers to change horses. Then everyone will drive to make his horse the last.


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