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Room arrangement for a teenage boy

In adolescence hobby change at lightning speed, as well as emotions, friends, views, so do not need to equip a room for ages. The fact that today it will seem cool to the boy, in a year will make him shy to bring new acquaintances home. Therefore, when arranging the room, it is necessary to find a balance between the adolescent's opinion about furniture, wallpaper, colors and the more detached and practical view of the parents.
Teenage boys need emotions and bright colors. Of course, there is a boy who loves minimalism and gray color, but there are few such children. Therefore, coming up with an interior design, strive for brightness and creativity, and not for style and high prices. On the other hand, a teenager's room is no longer a children's room, and he will be unhappy if there are no adult elements in it.
Dispute with a teenager about certain decisions is useless. You must gently guide him, look for rational kernels in his, even if wild, suggestions and try to make them come true.
Remember that teenagers love to stick posters and posters on the walls, but they don’t need expensive prestigious wallpapers at all. In general, a teenager should feel completely free in her room, and not like in a furniture store, where you can’t touch anything.
The teenager doesn’t like the elite interior elements, but the little things dear to his heart that may have no value for adults.
Teenagers are active, often experimenting, bringing all kinds of strange things home, this can lead to the fact that the furniture, wallpaper, floor will be soiled. At the same time, it is much more important for the boy to throw a dirty ball into the wall than beautiful snow-white wallpapers, which you can admire, but for the slightest stain on which punishment will follow.

The furniture in the room teenager

All elements of the teenage room should be simple, functional, durable.
Do not buy a teenager gloomy heavy furniture. The ideal option would be light bookshelves and cupboards built into the wall or under the bed space. Pay particular attention to the bed when choosing furniture. In adolescence, the health of the future adult is laid down, and it is very importantfor a teenager to sleep on a good orthopedic mattress, this is the thing that cannot be saved on, creating an interior for a teenager.
Boys' hobby is sports. It will be very good if in the room of a teenage boy there is a corner with exercise equipment. No need to buy something special, enough bar and space for dumbbells. It would be great if the gym is equipped with a basketball ring and a timer for sports.


Bad lighting is very dangerous for teens, which leads to serious psychological problems, depressions.
It is very important that there is good lighting in the room of a teenager. The boy should be able to turn on a bright overhead light when guests arrive, and a cozy lamp for evening reading. It is very important that the workplace of a teenager is properly lit, it will affect the health of his eyes.

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