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Good-order rules: how to divorce intelligently?

Rule number 1: do not blame yourself for any disaster

It just did not happen: you divorce - and nothing more. On average, in every European country, almost every second marriage breaks up, and no one dies of a broken heart right on the threshold of the registry office. Take a deep breath, refrain from watching romantic films for a while and encourage yourself by the fact that you lost your husband, but did not lose a friend (well, ok, if not immediately, then in the future you have a chance to remain in a friendly relationship), and also discovered for yourself opportunity to fall in love again in the future.

Rule number 2: hire a lawyer

Expensive, but then civilized and legally. And if you have something to share, then you will also regret if you do not dare to resort to his services. The lawyer will help not only competently understand the rights and obligations, but also make you look at the divorce as another tedious private transaction that you conclude in life.

Good-order rules: how to divorce intelligently?

Rule number 3: never, under any circumstances, do not swear at strangers

Meditate, clench your fists, do not succumb to provocations, and learn to explain everything culturally and with the minimum amount of emotions. If you are terribly annoyed, take a pause and release the heat on the treadmill. If you know that in the end you will get personal and say nasty things, arrange negotiations in a park or in a cafe, restraining yourself with the thought that you are constantly being watched.

Rule number 4: do not speak ill of your ex-husband in the presence of children, relatives and friends

Your joint story has already come to an end, and, of course, you have accumulated a list of intolerable partner deficiencies and your irreconcilable contradictions. But if you, after the divorce, will concentrate exclusively on the negative, then it is he who will remain in the memory of these relations after many years.

Good-order rules: how to divorce intelligently?

Rule number 5: arrange for a divorce party

Remember, like Begbedera: when we get married and happy to hell, we don’t really need people around, but when a divorce looms overhead and our life collapses, people close and loving are just as necessary as air.Just do not invite those who persistently discouraged you from getting divorced - it’s better to call those who even at the very beginning of your relationship asked: “And why do you need this goat ?!”

Rule number 6: pull yourself on vacation right after a divorce

Yes, that's right, almost by the hair. Even if at the time of the final signatures will be April, and you planned to "suffer" until May. Divorce is a lot of stress, and an empty apartment and a cold bed at first will make you wake up in a broken state even after eight hours of sleep. Go to meet your nerves and pamper them with the sun, fruits and salfi by the pool.

Good-order rules: how to divorce intelligently?

Rule number 7: do not try to do half a step back

The papers are signed, and you are both so lonely and kind of like friendly sex has not harmed anyone yet. No matter how it is! And it is better to stop the intimate relationship even at the time of preparation for the divorce, so as not to introduce your own body into a stupor, and then you are with the man, and the brain and on the passport - apart. Yes, sometimes sex works as a therapeutic agent in difficult times, but nobody has canceled hormones either - during this period you are too vulnerable to take this “story” to love where it no longer exists.And by the way, this also applies to haste with new relationships - do not rush, while you have not yet put your head in order, but are guided solely by feelings.


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