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Save or save?

Julia Bulashova
Julia Bulashova
January 9, 2013
Save or save?

Often, many are interested in how to spell a particular word. For example, how to write: save or save? You need to remember a fairly simple rule of the Russian language, and then you will no longer think about how to spell "save."

Dividing b is written in a word after a prefix ending in a consonant, before the root of a word that begins with the vowels e, e, u, i. For example: pick, inject, lift. A hard sign is no longer needed before other vowels. For example: trouble-free, transarctic. Also, it is not needed in words that are written with a hyphen (half-yurt).

Following this rule, you will quickly understand how to spell "save". After the prefix "c" in this word is a consonant letter "e", which means "ъ" is not necessary to write.


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