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September 1 congratulations for students and teachers. How beautiful to congratulate on September 1 in verse and prose


On September 1, first-graders, middle and high school students, teachers, students and university professors accept congratulations on the beginning of the next school year in verse and prose. Grade 1 in a short and accessible form is willing to obey the teachers and always study perfectly, the high school students are advised to be more attentive and to understand the new requirements of teachers, and future graduates are reminded that at the end of the year they will have to pass exams and forever leave home school. Beautiful and touching congratulatory words for September 1, students and parents always speak to all the teaching staff of schools, colleges and universities. And among themselves the guys exchange funny and funny jokes about the school,fast-flying holidays and the new school year.

September 1 - prose congratulations solemn and official

Congratulations on September 1 in prose are ideal for the solemn part of the events dedicated to the first bell and the Day of Knowledge. They are read out from the rostrum on the morning ruler by the school director, head teacher, teachers, invited deputies, officials or employees of the local administration. Lines, as a rule, contain pleasant wishes for the pedagogical staff and good parting words for all students.


September 1 is the first call holiday, the holiday of white bows and new briefcases, your holiday and mine! All roads lead to school today. Smart kids walk proudly through the streets in anticipation of new school days, homework assignments and fives in diaries.
Knowledge Day is the beginning of a new school year, so Happy New Year YOU!
And first-graders and first-year students today are entering a completely new life, so today’s holiday is perhaps the most exciting for them, like everything first and new.
September 1 is a holiday for those who will take another step along the wonderful road of knowledge!
We are all or were once children, we stood on the solemn line and were proud of the new school uniform and our teacher.
Excellent knowledge in the new academic year! Since the first of September!

This day always breaks into life noisily, loudly, unexpectedly. Although everyone is waiting for him and always. It is special: clean, like the autumn sky, kind, like the first teacher, and solemn, like any important event in a person's life. I congratulate you on September 1! The beginning of study is actually the beginning of life. New, mysterious, unexplored. So let's write it together without a blank note!
Health teachers, good luck to students and great patience parents! Yes, no surprises can not do. There will be a lot of them, and let them be pleasant, bright, unforgettable for everyone! In the meantime, let the first bell ring out loudly! He calls not only to classes, but also to order, discipline, attentiveness. Happy holiday to all!


Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations to you, dear schoolchildren, from September 1! Forget your fun summer holidays and start school workdays. You have a whole school year ahead, grades for behavior and the "congratulations" of the director on the red carpet.But do not despair - your summer will come again soon.

September 1 - congratulations in verse for students and teachers


Congratulations on September 1 in verses appropriately look on school wall newspapers or beautiful posters that adorn the classrooms and audiences. Short rhymed couplets are written on thematic cards, sent as SMS or voice messages to teachers and students of all ages. Such signs of attention from relatives and friends always make a pleasant impression and remain in memory for a long time.


Congratulate on September 1
We rush you today.
Already waited native school
And all your teachers.
Let it be like the first time:
Smile, shine happy eyes.
And ahead - study again
And your cheerful friendly class.
I wish the difficulties do not know
And it's easy to get up in the morning,
Always with the desire to learn
And know the subject any on the “five”!


The first day of autumn in the sun,
Boys - in suits, girls - in bows.
Now all around is sparkling with joy
And dazzled bouquets in hundreds of children's hands.
Let the smiles shine brighter than all the lights
Let the school give a lot of bright days
Every day passes, let you not in vain.
Happy holiday guys! Since September 1!

I dedicate to my native teacher lines

What gratitude and love keep!

And let the words not be written in time

They still say a lot.

Congratulations on September 1 to the first grader in verses


An optimistic and cheerful congratulation from September 1 to a first-grader in verses is recited during festive school events by high school students, parents or teachers. In a few simple lines kids want diligence, patience and success in learning knowledge. Accepting sincere and kind verse greetings on September 1, first-graders feel truly grown-up and solemnly vow to study well, to listen to wise teachers in everything, and to approximately behave in class.


First-grader, first grader,
You have a holiday today.
He is serious and cheerful -
First meeting with the school.
Yesterday was still just a child
Nothing can be done here.
They called you a preschool
And now the first-grader name is.
Everything is in perfect order,
And the question did not arise,
There is no slumber in the notebook.
Clean as the blue sky, diary.
Let care be on your shoulders
But do you despond of them.
Monday to Saturday
You will gain knowledge.


Yesterday’s kindergarten on the doorstep,
The first time he went on this road!
We wish him to find knowledge in school,
And get the best friends!

A sea of ​​flowers, smiles and laughter,
We wish first graders success in their studies!
The school today happily meets them,
A lot of knowledge and mind to give them promises!


The first time in first class!
Congratulations together you.
You are on the right track
You go for the knowledge.

You all gathered on the road
Straight to the school doorstep.
In a new form and with flowers -
Dad's pride, joy to mom.

A new satchel is behind your back,
In it, the textbook is not simple -
That primer, and with him notebooks.
Do not forget them guys?

In school, you have to keep up,
Don't forget anything
And always learn lessons,
To get fives.

Much will you know,
All you can understand.
And studying you then
Will please always.

Well, are you ready to go?
School is waiting for you. Come in!

September 1 - congratulations to the teachers beautiful and touching


On September 1, schoolchildren read beautiful and touching congratulations to teachers on a solemn ruler or in an open lesson dedicated to the Day of Knowledge. Some students write holiday wishes on bright cards andPresent to their beloved teachers along with a bouquet of flowers and a promise to study diligently.


Teachers today congratulations

And we bring them flowers as a gift,

Only one can not understand

From what, teacher, you are sad.

And you just look at us

And you understand that we are growing up again,

What every year and now at this hour

We have become better, more beautiful and wiser.

We wish you not change over the years

And over the years, love us only stronger,

But do not dare to remain sad

Your smile is more important to us!


Ahead you have notebooks again,
We will write them to you for fun.
Check each notebook
And under this sweet sleep.

Let our class dream you
You will wake up from this at the same hour.
With us you are always in the field of duty,
Our intrigues grab everything on the fly.

Congratulations on the first of September,
Naughty, we begin again.
Believe me, there will be buttons, chalk and pens,
So that the days of study would not be boring.

You just do not scold us,
And give us naughty more often.
School time will rush fast
We need more fun.


Happy Knowledge Day to you, teacher.
Today the school comes to life again ...
Magazines, plans, school affairs -
Let it all does not bother!
May the disciples always please
May it be peaceful in your team,
Everything is going well, and the calls are ringing in time,
Let everything be like two and two are four!

September 1 - congratulations cool and funny

On September 1, congratulations with jokes and jokes are sent as SMS or MMS messages to close friends and classmates, posted on their pages on social networks or written on beautiful themed postcards and handed personally to young first graders, serious students of middle or high school, class teacher or subject teachers. Both poems and prose are suitable as holiday texts. The main thing is that humor should be kind, sincere, impolite and understandable both for adults and class 1.


Imagine all that fall is the first day
For us, sometime it will be just a day.
We will not waste time, we and nerves
And at least for the whole of September we go to the south!

In the meantime - not the time for dreams,
We are still all disciples ...
So, today we celebrate the day of knowledge.
Good-bye, carefree days!


More fun take a backpack
And throw notebooks,
In your head a mess
It is necessary to lead to order!

And you to me on this day
I want to wish good luck
To retreat laziness
There were easy tasks,

Do not die of melancholy
In the lessons of the most boring,
And the fives get,
To be one of the best!


Certificate to achieve
Need to work hard.
And problem solving,
Well, about five thousand.

Do not rely on a cheat sheet,
Laziness drive your ingenuity.
Do not wallow in the morning
Do not be rude to teachers.

Together with this admonition
Accept and congratulations.


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