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Sewer accident

We live in a private house. Right next to our fence there is a hatch and water is flowing from it, the path has already flooded, it has become numb to our site. Utilities do not react - they called today all day. Who is responsible for these hatches and who will compensate for the damage if the flow does not stop and damage our property in the yard? We live in the Moscow region.
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Answered on February 15, 23:31
How do they not react? Where did you call? Call the emergency service Vodokanal. Describe the situation, you can even embellish a little, they are obliged to send workers to eliminate the accident.
Answered on February 15 23:36
Call the water utility, but if they do not go - do not wait long, call a private company. For example, there is an emergency sewage service in Moscow and the Moscow Region:. Maybe this option will suit you? It is better to pay and save your site from flooding, than to wait for emergency services for several days.
Answered on February 15, 23:40
Do not count on utilities too much. 2 days went to me.They put a patch on the pipe, which flew off in a few days anyway ... They are not quality-oriented, they are doing poorly, just to be left behind.

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