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She put ice cubes in a pot with an orchid. A week later, a miracle happened!

Orchid phalaenopsis- one of the most beautiful indoor plants. As a rule, we buy it in bloom. But a moment comes when the flowers fall off and orchid owners begin to wonder what they are doing wrong.

In this article"With Your Hands"will tell you why the orchid is not blooming and how you can fix it.

Average durationorchid bloomsPhalaenopsis - 3 months. This usually happens two or three times a year. The break between flowering can be delayed for several months.

The following tips will help bring a happy moment of blooming orchid flowers.


How to make an orchid bloom

  1. Create an orchid temperature drop: put the pot at night in a cool place (up to 15 degrees).
  2. Reduce the number ofnitrogen in fertilizers. And phosphorus should prevail, because it stimulates flowering.
  3. Moisten the air around the plant.
  4. Place the orchid pot for 5 days in a dark place. After 3 weeks, the orchid should release the buds. This method is suitable only for adult and healthy plants.
  5. Instead of watering advise to put in a pot with an orchid a pair of ice cubes, so it will bloom more likely.
  6. If you notice that the non-flowering orchid actively grows roots or leaves, it means that it has a corresponding period of development. Until this period is over, naturally, the plant will not bloom. Be patient.

The most important thing is to provide your orchid with proper care. She loves a large amount of light and is afraid of excess moisture.


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