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Sheet Glass Forming Equipment

- the leading direction of the glass industry in our state. Today, the manufacture of such products varies depending on such characteristics:

  • covering sheets;
  • their number
  • Thickness.

The equipment for forming sheet glass is a special installation, through which the glass "canvas" is formed. Subsequent and previous steps are carried out on the basis of other installation units, and as a result such equipment makes it possible to produce a “full cycle” of the process of manufacturing sheet glass.

Molding stage

The float-method of creation is considered to be the main one. In our country, it is used most frequently and consists in molding glass on a tin melt by limiting the transverse spreading of the composition or its longitudinal-transverse stretching.

In the process of forming formations, rapid cooling is assumed.Due to the temperature difference in the sheet "canvas" there is a tension, which is distributed unevenly throughout the reservoir. This can adversely affect its mechanical strength. To eliminate the occurrence of such a voltage, capable of damaging the product, a special heat treatment stage is assumed. Annealing glass acts as a separate stage of the technological process of production of sheet glass. It consists of:

  • heating / cooling the sheet to the annealing temperature (it is performed very quickly, this is the only way to avoid the destructive material process);
  • eliminate temporary stresses by holding the canvas at the annealing temperature;
  • gradual cooling to lower temperatures, eliminating the likelihood of new voltages;
  • speed cooling.

In the active molding zone, an uninterrupted impact on the sheet surface of the side portions of the tape is assumed. Its stretching and compression to the required size allows you to shape the thickness of the product and its width.Special equipment - on-board machines with moving contact elements allow you to adjust the indicators. Wide thickness range 0.5–30 mm.

The World of Glass exhibition

An important and significant international event will be held within the walls of theExpocentre Fairgrounds, as always in June. Where, how not on a specialized exposition can you find out all about the methods of manufacturing glass and its products? Leading industry figures will be sure to attend this event in order to familiarize themselves with the new products and developments of the world's leading leaders in the glass industry.

Exhibition"World of Glass"presents on the exhibition platform a huge amount of specialized equipment and tools necessary for the production and processing of material. Anyone can become a participant or attend the event as a guest, you only need to submit an application for registration in a timely manner.


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