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Should I buy antibacterial soap?

Surely, many of us remember the common advertising, in which a caring mother, in order to protect her baby from dangerous bacteria, thoroughly launders it with antibacterial soap, as a result of which the baby’s skin is covered by a real protective barrier, which, according to manufacturers, that time does not pass harmful bacteria and diseases.

But is it really the way manufacturers show and promise? Antibacterial soap on the market of household goods appeared relatively recently, and while scientists argue about its real benefits, it managed to acquire a considerable army of admirers, but far from all doctors trust its effectiveness. Who to believe?

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It is only natural that everyone tries to protect themselves from the harmful effects of bacteria, however, there are many disputes about the use of antibacterial soap, some experts say that it can boast both advantages from its use and disadvantages. Let's try to figure it out.

How does it work?

Since childhood, we are used to thinking that bacteria and microbes are always bad, because they always get different sores. But this is not so, in our body, in addition to harmful, there are about 500 kinds of beneficial bacteria that perform a protective function!

Without them, we would not be able to fight external stimuli that strive to enter the body, some of them are involved in the digestive process, hinder the development of various pathogenic bacteria, and this is not the whole list of their useful things!


In general, the use of antibacterial soap is useful for our skin, if not for one big “but”: the fact is that it necessarily includes triclosan - the main active ingredient that completely destroys all bacteria, both good and bad.

And this is not all: as a result of the constant influence of triclosan on pathogens, the latter, over time, develop immunity. Each time it becomes more difficult to fight them, and recent studies have shown that some bacteria and microbes can even be reborn, forming new, more advanced forms.It turns out that the use of antibacterial soap is one harm?

Not certainly in that way. In fact, it can and should be used, but not every day several times, but only when necessary, for example, for cuts and abrasions, scratches. It is very important to understand that the frequent use of such soap can do more harm than real good, especially for the face.

Such antibacterial agents will perfectly manifest themselves in special conditions, where your body has to constantly contact with a variety of bacteria, for example, in nature or during a hike.

By the way, there is a widespread opinion that such soap contains chlorine, which is the cause of its antibacterial action. This is a deep misconception that does not have any scientific justification.

Why antibacterial soap will never replace the usual?

The principle of operation of ordinary laundry soap is simple and completely based on its composition: as in ancient times, it is boiled on the basis of alkali and vegetable or animal fats. Over time, synthetic formulas were added to synthetic ones, however, the general principle did not change.

The chemical reaction that takes place between the neutralizing base, the fats and the water that you wet your hands with while washing, causes the bacteria along with the dirt to stick to the soap and wash away with the water. It turns out that using ordinary soap you can get rid of bacteria, it is not necessary to use special antibacterial additives.


So, what conclusions can be drawn from all of the above? For everyday use, use ordinary soap, no matter what it is, liquid or formed into a bar. The most important thing is to wash your hands with high quality and adhere to proper hand washing techniques, which children should be taught from the earliest years.

For example, the whole process should take you at least 30 seconds, while it is important to wash the entire surface, including the nails. In some situations that have been described above, you should resort to the use of antibacterial soap, which will help you avoid unpleasant diseases.

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