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Shugaring: how to make houses, recipes, benefits and results

Not every girl who cares for herself has the time or opportunity to visit a beauty studio. Therefore, the question of how to make shugaring at home is relevant.

The procedure is simple and must be performed at home. Do not even need special skills and secret knowledge.

Shugaring - sugar hair removal. Thanks to the undeniable advantages, which we will talk about later, it has gained popularity among women. This method of epilation has a long history. But the masters did not agree on the origin of the slouching.

It is believed that this technology of hair removal was created in ancient Persia. In this state there was a tradition according to which every beautiful woman before marriage removed vegetation from her body. For this purpose, sugar paste was used, the secret of which was given from the mother to the daughters. In the Arab states and today women use this technique.

The second theory says that shugaring was invented in ancient Egypt. Legislator of the fashion for sugar hair removal is Cleopatra. She ordered the court physician to create a recipe for the composition, facilitating the fight against unwanted hair.

Modern pasta differs from the remedy that was made in ancient times, but the principle of action has not changed.

3 ways of applying shugaring

Before starting the process, thoroughly degrease and dry the skin. So the mixture will remove all the hairs. For this purpose suitable laundry soap. The mixture is applied to the skin in three ways.

  1. Using a special spatula, apply a thin layer of sugar paste on the skin in the direction of hair growth. After a uniform distribution, put a piece of cotton cloth on the composition and press it, leaving one edge free. Sharply pulling the fabric, remove the paste with the hair.
  2. Apply the remedy, the technique of preparation which you will learn later, and your fingers. In this case, against the growth of "vegetation". Using your fingers, jerk the paste.
  3. The third option involves rolling a layer of the mixture on the skin and a sharp removal. Suitable for hair removal in intimate areas.

Video instructions

There are a lot of articles on the Internet about how to take care of yourself and be attractive to men. Now your piggy bank technician and receptions replenished with shugaring. And if the skin is sensitive, perform the procedure in stages, removing hair in small areas.

Shugaring recipes at home

Preparation mixture for depilation

Many girls remove unwanted vegetation on the body by means of salon procedures, including shugaring. Despite the low cost, the price of such a pleasure in a specialized institution is quite high. Therefore, some girls do the procedure at home using homemade sugar paste.

Consider the popular recipes shugaring. In total they are simple and help to make a wonderful composition that copes with the task of removing hair.

Recipe number 1

For the preparation of the first composition will need a glass of sugar, a half spoonful of citric acid and two tablespoons of water. Send these ingredients to the pan and turn on a small fire. Periodically stir the product to dissolve the sugar. The result will be a thick mixture from which you can roll the balls.

Some beauties use juice instead of citric acid.I do not recommend doing so, because the concentration of juice is difficult to guess, and the level of acidity in each case is different.

Recipe number 2

For the second recipe, you need 250 grams of sugar, lemon juice and a spoonful of water. Cooking sugar paste is similar to the first option. Only while cooking the mixture constantly watch. If the mixture becomes dark brown, it is overcooked.

Recipe number 3

To prepare the product you need 250 grams of sugar, a third of a glass of water and two tablespoons of honey. Ingredients mix in a saucepan. Place the container at minimum heat and cook until sugar is dissolved. When the mass becomes dark brown, turn off the gas, and remove the dishes from the plate.

Recipe number 4

The last recipe provides for the use of six parts of sugar, part of vinegar and two parts of water. Send the water and sugar to the pan and cook until the syrup turns golden. After in the dishes pour vinegar, and the paste will be dark and viscous. It will remain to remove the mixture from the stove and wait for cooling.

An important property of shugaring is the absence of chemicals and dyes. The procedure for hair removal is safe. The use of caramel compared to other methods of depilation differs in thatthat processing is carried out in the direction of growth of vegetation and there are no problems with ingrown hairs.

Video recipes

Shugaring is a hygienic procedure, as the paste disinfects the skin and minimizes the likelihood of infection. In addition to the hair, the sugar composition removes the dead skin cells, which provides peeling. As a result, the skin becomes extremely smooth and velvety, and the effect lasts for three weeks.

The benefits of shugaring

Shugaring is considered a popular type of epilation. Many institutions of beauty use this secret of smooth skin created by oriental beauties, and make visitors a wonderful epilation.

Consider the benefits of shugaring.

  1. Efficiency. Cooking pasta involves the use of available ingredients. A few caramel balls are enough to remove hair. At the same time, waxing is more expensive, because in addition to wax, you need a set of strips and spatulas, a special device focused on heating wax.
  2. Painlessness. Sugar paste sticks less to the skin than wax. As a result, the procedure for removing vegetation is less painful.Shugaring is an excellent solution for delicate skin and intimate areas. Sugar hair removal is recommended for women who have varicose veins and other problems with blood vessels.
  3. Convenience. Sugar balls are more convenient to use than wax. Through waxing is problematic to remove hairs in the bikini area. Wax stains the skin, clothing and flooring. Caramel in use is more practical.
  4. Hypoallergenic. Shugaring paste consists of ingredients that do not cause allergies. The composition of wax often includes chemical compounds and preservatives that contribute to the appearance of an allergic reaction. Wax is used only in heated form, which increases the likelihood of severe irritation, especially if the skin is problematic.
  5. No problem with ingrown hairs.. Shugaring envelops the vegetation and removes completely. When using other methods of hair removal hair roots often remain in place, which contributes to the germination inside. Since the vegetation is removed in the direction of growth, the hairs do not break or deform at the base.
  6. Duration of the result. The greatest advantage of shugaring.The effect of the procedure is maintained for two decades, and waxing is recommended to be carried out twice a month.

The technique is safe, convenient, effective and helps to save. If you have not yet resorted to shugaring, I advise you to try epilation in practice and make sure of its effectiveness.

The results of sugar hair removal

The last fragment of the article is devoted to the results of sugar epilation. The skin for a long time becomes soft, smooth and silky. Since shugaring completely removes hairs, the need to repeat the procedure appears after a month.

Regular use of sugar paste slows down hair growth, which becomes less thick and dense. I do not advise to alternate the technique with shaving, otherwise the sugar composition will not bring the desired effect.

According to some girls, after shugaring on the skin bruises are formed. This happens when a large area is immediately captured, which is not recommended. Apply the product in a small amount and remove hair with quick and sharp movements. This will help avoid such consequences.

Often after the procedure hairs remain. The result depends on the skill.If you master the principle of operation, you can remove all vegetation without any difficulties.

Skin care after epilation

After shugaring the skin is treated with an antiseptic, otherwise the infection will get into the open pores. Use an antiseptic for several days after the procedure. At bedtime, it doesn’t hurt to use a night cream or similar product.

Regularly smear the skin with oils and creams that slow down hair growth. So avoid hair ingrowth, and the skin will remain soft and smooth much longer.

If you experience severe pain during shugaring, buy a cream or gel in a store or beauty salon that reduces sensitivity. Apply the product on the skin an hour before epilation with a thick layer.

If you have one of these tools, read the contraindications. Act strictly according to the instructions, and if necessary, consult your doctor. When handling delicate areas of the skin, take a small amount of paste. As a result, reduce the area of ​​the treated skin and reduce pain.

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I think you will master the shugaring technique at home the first time and see the effect.


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