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Sick theme alcoholism

Cry of the soul ... I do not know what to do. Husband washed it down. And it seems that carried away by soft drugs. It all started with an innocent beer bottle in the evenings, and now it is already a daily bottle of vodka, and even vodka with beer. Plus, something smokes hallucinogenic. Children do not notice me too. There are problems with money, he does not go to work either. What to do? Where to take him in Moscow to help him?


Alas, alcoholism and drug addiction are two sick themes of our time, and our family as well, unfortunately. My father drinks, and my brother got carried away with drugs. While light, but there is every chance that can go further. Mom solves the issue with his father through intimate conversations. And I’m looking for a brother’s clinic for drug addiction treatment. While I found this onehttps://zebra-center.ru/lechenie-narkozavisimosti.htmlBut I would love to hear feedback from real patients who were helped by this treatment.

And you really, too, try to talk to him. He is not drunk 24 hours a day, find an opportunity when he is sober, and try to talk with him sincerely.The main thing, without raids, otherwise everything will end in scandal. I know from my own experience. Talk patiently, unobtrusively.

My dad is drinking too. For many years. None of my attempts with my mother to help him lead to anything. He believes that everything is in order. Fortunately, even though the work does not leave and does not take anything out of the house. But he has such a “discharge” every day ...

until he wants to quit, nothing will help.

You yourself and children from there must first be taken away. The husband chose his way. Back will go itself, but not for the handle. The latter does not work.

kapets .. men are generally much weaker than us in this regard .. you cannot help a person without his desire.


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