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Signs of conjunctivitis: where to start treatment

In humans, conjunctivitis most often causes adenovirus - the main causative agent of acute respiratory infections. In children with the same frequency occurs viral and bacterial conjunctivitis. This disease can be caused by the herpes virus, enterovirus, chlamydia, some types of fungi. The disease can be acute or chronic.


Manifestations of conjunctivitis can vary depending on its cause, but there are also common symptoms for all forms - eyelid swelling and redness of the eyes.
Bacterial conjunctivitis is characterized by the appearance of pus and mucus in the eyes, causing the eyelids to stick together after sleep. In some cases, there is a feeling of presence in the eyes of foreign bodies.
Viral conjunctivitis is usually manifested simultaneously with the disease of the upper respiratory tract. The pathological process arises first in one eye, then moves on to the second. There is severe itching in the eyes and tearing.
In the acute form of the disease, there is pain in the eyes and photophobia. Some patients have a headache and fever. Chronic conjunctivitis develops gradually, the symptoms are less pronounced, but it lasts a long time.


The treatment is prescribed by an ophthalmologist, and it is determined by the cause of the disease.
Allergic conjunctivitis requires the elimination of the allergen (for example, the abolition of the medication that caused the allergic reaction) and the administration of antihistamines. Viral conjunctivitis is treated with preparations containing interferon. When bacterial conjunctivitis prescribed eye drops or ointments with antibiotics.
To relieve pain, itching and other unpleasant sensations that accompany inflammation of the conjunctiva, you can apply warm lotions with chamomile extract: pour boiling water on 2-3 teaspoons of chamomile, close the lid, strain it after 5 minutes and cool it. This infusion is used not only for lotions, but also for removing pus in the morning.
Another folk remedy for compresses and lotions is aloe broth: cut leaves of this plant should be poured with boiling water and left for 15 minutes. You can use warm tea.
It is recommended to wash with conjunctivitis with boiled water. You can not rub your eyes, so as not to infect the infection in the second eye, if only one is affected. If conjunctivitis is not allergic, you need to take care not to infect anyone: use only your towel, do not visit the pool, and if possible limit contact.

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