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Smiley 3: what does it mean?

Natalya Galushko
Natalya Galushko
March 7, 2013
Smiley 3: what does it mean?

Today, very often we hear statements that the Internet cannot replace live communication in any way, since it is simply impossible to convey the entire spectrum of human emotions, even with the help of the most vivid epithets.

But in order that our interlocutors could “feel” us, guess our mood, “see” our experiences, and emoticons, or, speaking the language of the regulars, neta, emoticons were invented.

Verbal communication (words) is an opportunity to share information. Smiles convey our feelings, facial expressions, gestures, etc. to the other person. They can be attributed to non-verbal means of communication between people.

In 1982, the American scientist S.Falman proposed to use a sequence of characters to denote humorous messages :-). If you look at these characters from the side, it is not difficult to discern a smiling face in them. And to express displeasure they began to use such symbolism :-(.

Over the following years, many combinations were invented, which, by default, are used by users in letters and messages, in forums and in chat rooms.Therefore, quite often, having received a message with a certain set of characters, we ask ourselves the question: “What does smiley 3 mean?” - or: “How to understand: - *?”.

Here's a simple piece of advice to you - if you don’t know what kind of “abra-cadabra” has come to you, look at these characters from the side. For example, a smiley: - * means a kiss. Look closely, doesn’t it But the combination of characters: 3 - is "nyasha", "nyashka" or "nyashechka."


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