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Spots of resin and wax. How to remove?

Material typeHow to delete
Jeans Put in the freezer for 60 minutes, get it, rub it, remove the remaining stain with an iron.

  • Method number 1. Soak in hot water. When the wax melts, blot with a towel, the remnants of the stain will be removed after washing.

  • Method number 2. The organic solvent should be applied to cotton wool, to get wet the problem area, to wash in warm soapy water.


  • Method number 1. Heat a spoon in boiling water, place it on the stain as the wax melts, remove it with a napkin.

  • Method number 2. Boil the water, put the material in it, after the development of grease stains get it and wash it in hot water using detergent.


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