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Stylish ideas of fashion manicure 2017

Actual length and shape of nails 2017

Of course, you can choose any form of nails, depending on the mood and the image as a whole. However, manicure fashion 2017 dictates the oval and almond-shaped nails for beautiful ladies. Naturalness and naturalness will always be in fashion, therefore, in manicure you need to adhere to this trend. Long and sharp nails are no longer in trend.

Fashionable French manicure 2017

French manicure has long become a classic, and he can safely give the first place in popularity. The advantage of such a manicure is that it does not look catchy and at the same time effectively and stylishly. Suitable manicure for official occasions and for everyday use with almost any outfit.

Standard French manicure looks very natural: the main coating is done in light pastel colors, and the tip of the nail is covered with a dense white lacquer, to fix an additional transparent nail polish is applied to the nails.If the early French manicure was performed in flesh color, then this year women of fashion prefer to take other colors as a basis, adding a small pattern.

Fashion nails ombre 2017

The transition from one shade to another is a fashionable solution that gives rise to imagination and creativity. To perform such a manicure you can use from two or more shades of the same color. To make the transition from one color to another look more smooth, it is recommended to choose shades that differ by one or several tones.

Manicure with abstraction 2017

Manicure with abstraction is more complicated than amber, but it looks incredibly impressive and stylish on nails. Covering with abstract shapes will give your look a special look. The mood of the design depends entirely on the artist’s fantasy, it can be funny patterns or strict shapes, gloomy lines or luxurious drawings. Using various geometric symbols, points and lines, as well as a variety of color shades, you can effortlessly realize the most effective and original design.

Vintage manicure 2017

Vintage style has found its place in the world of manicure, in the form of drawings, stickers, beads and rhinestones. Vintage manicure keeps on nails not as long as usual, but it looks very elegant and elegant.

If the soul requires something unusual and original, with the help of a thin brush or stencils, you can put on your nails drawings in the form of lip prints, handbags or women's slippers. And since there is no limit to fantasy, you can decorate your nails with floral print, rhinestones, sparkles and other design options - and this will no doubt be stylish and original.


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