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Such a real virtuality

Ivan Orlov
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��������������������������������������������January 16, 2017
Such a real virtuality

The entertainment industry is moving by leaps and bounds. Keep track of all the innovations, technologies and promising ideas is simply impossible. There is not enough information or financial resources. Nevertheless, at least information about some of the wonders of technology, one of which, of course, are virtual reality glasses!

One has only to think about how large-scale this idea is, how many consequences it pulls along with itself and what all this can lead to ... it even becomes scary.

The gaming industry, which includes two such extremely popular and profitable aspects as video games and gambling games, that is, a casino, was always famous for dragging people down ... After all, how many people because of gambling addiction left work and study? Do not count.

And now, after the release of virtual reality glasses, the situation, apparently, will only worsen. No, no, I'm not saying this is bad. It is just the way it is in reality.

There is no doubt that with such a gadget a person will dive into the process completely completely, with his head. So to say, will play hard drinking. After all, games will become not just entertainment, games will become real life!

If you want to - take part in Formula 1 races on the best race cars of the planet. If you want - go to the green lawn and challenge the right to be called the world champion in football. Do you want to - make bold crimes, rob banks and hijack sports cars. And all this is available right in your home. Well, how do you like these prospects?

And what is the scope for virtual casinos? Yes, of course, all this will take time, but just imagine how amazing it can be. You put on glasses, go to the Slot Voyager casino or even to the Slot Voyager casino mirror, choose the machine you like - and ... the magic begins!

Such glasses will allow with full immersion to investigate crimes, becoming Sherlock Holmes, will allow to find the countless riches of the Pharaohs, will allow to experience such sincere love, as she was in her youth, for the first time. Just imagine how strong the emotions of the game can be http://slotvoyager24.com/sloty/queen-of-hearts/, where you have to overcome many different obstacles and difficulties, just to reunite the union of two broken hearts.

It has long been known that people play in a casino either for the sake of emotions or money. Virtual glasses will obviously increase the number of the first several times. Emotions will be bigger, stronger and brighter. Brighter than it used to be in games. And even brighter than it was in real life.


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