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Summer kitchen in the country: photos, projects, recommendations

Beautiful, practical and cozy summer kitchen is needed at each cottage. We will show in stages and in detail the construction of a summer kitchen with our own hands.

If you want to place a summer kitchen on the veranda or on the terrace that has already been built, then the preparatory work will be kept to a minimum.

But if you are going to place the kitchen separately, then it is necessary to make a foundation for it.

The shape and size of the foundation depend on the kitchen layout you have chosen. It is not necessary to deeply deepen the foundation, because the load on it will be relatively small. Already at this stage, you can bring water and electricity.

Drainage for wastewater should also be considered. If you have sandy or sandy soil, then a simple filtration well will be enough for draining from the sink. And since this will not be the main wash, and the volume of wastewater will be small, an old drum or other container will fit perfectly for the arrangement of such a well.

Holes are drilled in the bottom and walls of the barrel to form a sieve, and rubble is poured under it and around it.

Further walls are built. This design will serve as the basis for kitchen appliances and work space. From the wall blocks are assembled very quickly.

Upstairs, formwork is being built again. We will pour concrete into it, and thus we will get the basis for the future working surface.

But first you need to dissolve communication.

Fill the concrete and wait until it hardens.

You can begin to install technology and decoration.

For the surface we chose tile - it is practical and durable. And we plastered and painted the walls of the blocks.

In our project we decided to install a small shed over the working area.

The canopy will protect us from the sun, in addition, it is equipped with lighting.

If you prefer to take shelter from the weather, then you can modify this version of the summer kitchen, setting a more capital canopy.

Modern summer kitchen made with your own hands will become a favorite place for the whole family at your summer cottage.

A simple project of summer kitchen do it yourself

If the prospect of such a capital construction scares you, then you can build a summer kitchen on a frame made of wood or a metal profile, which is used to mount drywall.

This method is much faster and easier, but it is advisable to place such kitchens under a shed and on a prepared surface (on the terrace, on the paved courtyard, etc.)

A wide range of built-in appliances allows you to equip such a kitchen with any fixtures you need.

The profile can be sheathed with plasterboard for further finishing tiles.

On top you can install the finished kitchen surface

Such summer kitchens can be beautiful and comfortable. In addition, they have one indisputable advantage. If necessary, they can be moved or even taken to a new place when moving!

As you can see, the construction of a summer kitchen can be approached in different ways.

It is not necessary to invest a large amount of manpower and money in capital construction.

But there is no reason to endure inconvenience due to the lack of a summer kitchen, because it is quite possible to make a modern summer kitchen with your own hands.


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