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Technique macrame for beginners

One of the most ancient types of needlework that has come to the modern world and even here has won stormy popularity among hand-made techniques admirers is called macrame. If you do not delve into serious terms, it is a technique based on weaving nodules, which for many centuries served a variety of purposes.

It turns out that not always beautifully tied knots were used for decorative purposes, just the opposite, if you delve into the story, macrame had a serious practical application.

It is believed that Japan and China are the birthplace of such technology, but this is not quite true, because the history of macrame began exactly when the first knot was tied, and this, one can guess, was a very long time ago. The first practical application of the technique of weaving nodules received in the tribes of the ancient Incas, where the nodes used for counting and writing.

Original thing

Such complex methods of transmitting information, at one time, were used quite actively,with their help, complex mathematical calculations were made; in addition, knots of different colors and techniques of performance were used as memos.

Over time, women of various nations, including Kievan Rus, began to use knotting techniques to decorate their homes and clothes, using such decorative weaving bags for arrows, light shoes, harnesses for horses and many others needed in everyday life. things

But the most significant step, which laid the foundations of the modern macrame, was made during the heyday of the sailing fleet, the sailors had to be able to tie various and very strong knots that were necessary for them due to the specifics of the profession.

As a result, over many years of existence, about 4 thousand of the most diverse sea knots were formed, the most beautiful and unique of which were included in the basics of macrame technique.

These knots make beauty

For beginners, the techniques of sea weaving, which in large quantities migrated in modern macrame, may seem very difficult, it is difficult to believe that such unique and amazing things can be done with your own hands.

But, in fact, everything is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance, all you need here is your own hands, perseverance and patience, because in order to create something really unusual and serious, you have to spend a lot of time.

Macrame, like most other needlework techniques, boasts a place for imagination and creativity, because only here, by manipulating various weaves and ordinary threads, you can create truly unique creations.

In the modern world, as in the ancient world, the technique of weaving knots has been successfully used in many areas of life, ranging from small accessories and jewelry to serious household items.

Here is a decoration

With the usual weaving, you can recreate a wide variety of home decor items that are truly unusual and unique, such as tablecloths, napkins, lampshades, wall panels, bedspreads and pillowcases, furniture covers and hanging pots for indoor plants, as well as many other amazing products .

In addition to home furnishings, using the macrame technique, you can create unusual and very interesting clothes, a variety of capes, gloves, wallets, handbags, haircuts and panama women, belts and amazing laces.Decorating your image with such unique and exclusive details, you will always look sophisticated and very stylish.

If before the weaving elements of the wardrobe have not yet reached - it does not matter, many girls and women prefer to weave from knots various decorations, for example earrings or pendants, and you can make bracelets or baubles, and they usually wear several pieces on one hand.

Weaving with knots is an amazing kind of creativity, because with its help, with a certain skill, you can create unique patterns in a variety of forms: in the form of flowers, abstractions, ethnic patterns, and this is not the end.

Over the whole history of its existence, macrame has been forgotten many times, but then it has been resurrected with new strengths and ideas, by the way, it has happened so now, because such nodding weaving techniques are gaining new speed of popularity.

Materials and improvised means for macrame

If you still decided to master this technique of needlework, then you will have to acquire everything necessary for macrame, although it is very pleasant - this is one of the few species that does not require any special material investment and costs.

The main tool is your hands, the main material is ordinary threads or laces. Threads for weaving knots can be used a variety of: kapron, cotton, silk, linen, wool, you can even use regular hemp or clothesline!

Threads may be different

Only fluffy tufted yarns are not suitable for such work, which, when weaving with protruding villi, will conceal the whole provided pattern, by the way, the same applies to multicolor yarns.

Silk threads are also not the most convenient option, since you will have to put a lot of effort in tightening the knots, which continually slide and strive to open up. The most embossed and clear patterns appear only when the cross section of the cord is round, and the texture of the thread itself is smooth and monotonous.

It should be remembered that the thicker the thread, the more it is consumed in the process, it is believed that the most comfortable are thin and durable cotton threads.

In addition to the threads, you may need a surface to which the main thread will be attached to perform minor works. Usually, a tight and dense pillow is used for these purposes, to which the threads can be easily attached with pins, or, alternatively, a cylinder in the form of a cylinder, which usually decorates the couch.

By the way, instead of a pillow or roller, you can independently build a work surface: for this, a wooden plate is hammered with foam on both sides, and then wrapped in a soft cloth, just as you can adjust a bag of sand or a piece of rubber.

Threads are attached to such auxiliary surfaces with the help of small studs. You will also need ordinary scissors, glue, pins with a plastic eye and a centimeter.

Where to begin?

All beginners should be aware that there are two threads in macrame: one main thread that does not participate in the process, the other threads are working - they are attached to the main thread, and then used to tighten the knots. The main thread is fastened with two ends to the pillow, workers are tied to it in any known way, and then weaving begins.

Those who have never tried anything like this will have to learn a few lessons on macrame, which are quite a lot on the Internet. There you will be able to understand what can be made of knots at the level of knowledge that you have now, and then develop further.

Interestingly, in most cases it is enough to master 3-4 basic knots, which will allow you to create the bulk of interesting and surprising gizmos.

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