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Technology kanzashi for beginners - master classes with step by step photos

Recently, the kanzashi technique is gaining momentum, which is easy for beginners to master. There are a large number of master classes on the Internet, where each stage is described in detail and with step-by-step photos. This allows you to create real masterpieces quickly and without much effort. In fact, kanzashi are flowers made from satin ribbons. They served to decorate the hairstyles of Japanese girls. Today, this technique is used for the manufacture of hairpins, headbands and various decorative elements.

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On a note! Since it was forbidden for geisha to decorate a Japanese traditional costume, as well as arms and neck, the girls had the only area for self-expression - hair. That is why they tried to decorate their hair more interestingly, creating kanzashi from silk ribbons with elements of silver and gold.

Kanzashi species

There are several varieties of kanzashi.In domestic countries, the most popularHana Kanzashi. Such jewelry is made on the basis of hairpins, hairpins, sticks. They are attached with flowers made of satin or silk ribbons. Decorations vary in size, material, shape. A species of Han Kanzashi isSidare, which is a design with which flowers hang on threads or chains.

When forming a circular shape from flowersKusudama. This decoration is rare in domestic countries, but it stuck in Japan.

Combs Kushi, made in Kansas technique, are presented in the form of rounded scallops. They are made of tortoise shell or bone. Flowers are affixed on the wide part or a floral pattern is applied.

HairpinKanoko Houseis close to precious ornaments, since its base is made of coral or jade, and the pattern is made of semiprecious stones and pearls. Kanzashi wood products (Hira Uchi) made in the form of a comb, forked stud or a long "needle".

Round kanzashi (Tama) are presented in the form of a solid plastic, metal or stone circle with flowers.

Birastands out against the background of other ornaments made using Kansas technique. Based on fixed chains that hang in a cascade.

On a note! The creation of kanzashi-style jewelry in Japan is entrusted exclusively to specialists who are previously trained in this craft. In this country, such products are a national pride, so their production is particularly reverent.

Kanzashi Kit

To make kanzashi products, you need simple materials and tools:

  • satin ribbons - are the main material;
  • tweezers - helps keep the material in position;
  • scissors - preferably with short blades;
  • glue - it must be transparent, otherwise it may spoil the appearance of the products, universal glue is suitable for fastening various materials;
  • Threads - required for fastening elements of jewelry, they must be durable;
  • thin needle - its length should be 5-8 cm;
  • pins - taken "in reserve", for the manufacture of certain types of jewelry, they can be useful;
  • Candle or lighter - are required for burning the edges of the tape;
  • fittings - in the manufacture of a kanzashi flower, various buttons, beads, etc. serve as its center.

In addition, you will need hairpins, rubber bands and other similar things used as a base.

Choosing tapes for kanzashi

When buying ribbons to create a kanzashi-style decoration, you need to pay attention to the density of the fabric. If the tape is too thin, working with it is inconvenient. In some cases, you can use a soft, but at the end of the product is better to cover with transparent varnish, so that the design does not disintegrate and keep the shape. However, you should be prepared for the fact that rhinestones after such manipulations will lose their luster.

It is important to choose quality tapes, since the appearance of the finished product depends on this. Uneven string tensions or distortions, which are evident.

On a note! Experienced needlewomen believe that for beginners it is worth making simple products in Kansas style from classic satin ribbons.

The choice of colors depends on the type and purpose of the product:

  • for hairpins fit strict stripes or polka dots;
  • for the manufacture of children's accessories, it is preferable to choose ribbons with interesting funny inscriptions;
  • to create ornaments for a solemn event it is better to choose floral ornaments.

The range of tapes for kanzashi, presented today, allows to realize any fantasy.

Kanzashi flower for beginners

Beautiful flowers with sharp petals, made according to the kanzashi technique, will attract the attention of others. It is enough to decorate a hairstyle with their help in order to transform it for the better. It’s quite simple to make such flowers using kanzashi technique using satin ribbons, if you follow the master class with step-by-step photos.

Materials and tools

To make one kanzashi flower, you will need:

  • white and blue satin ribbon (5x5 cm) - 7 segments each;
  • golden brocade (5x5 cm) - 7 segments;
  • white satin ribbon (4x4 cm) - 7 pieces;
  • gold brocade (4x4 cm) - 5 segments;
  • transparent semi-bean - 1 pc .;
  • white round felt (4 cm in diameter) - 1 pc .;
  • golden crimper;
  • Bake streychevaya slant (4 cm) - 1 segment.

In addition, the work will require scissors, lighter, needle, thread, glue.

Step-by-step master class

MK with a photo is suitable for beginners, it will help you step by step to make a flower from a satin ribbon in the kanzashi style with your own hands:

  1. Prepare large segments.
  2. Bend each figure in a triangle, as in the photo.
  3. Put the triangles on top of each other: first blue, then gold and last white. Bend the resulting billet into a rounded petal. In this case, the blue corner should be outside, and white inside. Cut off the closed corners and singe a cigarette lighter.
  4. The result should be 7 petals. Collect them in a flower with a thread. In fact, the decoration can be considered ready, for beginners this is enough to count on success. But you can still work hard and make the flower even more attractive.
  5. Prepare smaller segments.
  6. Bend into triangles as described above. Connect as shown in the photo.
  7. Shorten the ends and scorch the joint. Excess cut.
  8. Make 7 petals.
  9. Glue to the finished flower a transparent half-bead, inserting it previously into the golden crimper.
  10. Two-layer petals will act as additional decorative elements.
  11. Evenly glue the two-layer petals in a circle of the flower behind.

A craft in the kanzashi technique in the shape of a flower is ready. You can attach a hairpin or elastic to the base to make a beautiful hair ornament.

St. George ribbon on kanzashi technique

On the eve of Victory Day, you can create yourself a beautiful decoration in the form of a flower of St. George ribbon. And step by step to make it help photo lessons.

Materials and tools

To make the decoration, you need to prepare the following:

  • St. George ribbon (about 0.6–1 m long);
  • fittings in the form of rhinestones, beads and other things;
  • clasp or pin from the brooch;
  • scissors;
  • transparent glue;
  • lighter.

Step-by-step master class

A master class on making a flower from the St. George ribbon do-it-yourself using the kanzashi technique with step-by-step photos for beginners is presented below:

  1. Cut the ribbon into 5 equal rectangles.
  2. Make of each square a sharp petal, as seen in the photo.
  3. Cut the ribbon, which is approximately 20 cm long. Make a cut along the edges and scorch them with a lighter.
  4. Roll up the tape and glue as shown in the photo.
  5. Obtain the petals collected in the flower, and then decorate the fittings.
  6. Decoration of St. George ribbon is ready. It will become not just a symbol of the holiday, but can also be used as a stylish accessory.

Schemes of petals for a flower using the kanzashi technique

The main elements of colors for kanzashi technique are sharp and round petals. To better understand how to do them, you should familiarize yourself with the schemes.

Video: how to make kanzashi jewelery

Working with Kanzash will not cause difficulties if you use the MK for beginners, where each step with a photo is described step by step. Hairpins, headbands and other decorations made in this style are always popular because they are made with their own hands. Their main value lies in the fact that a piece of soul is embedded in each product.

Master classes on making simple kanzashi from tapes do it yourself.


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