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Tele2 Services

Tele2, being one of the most popular operators in Russia, offers its customers a lot of various services. In this case, each subscriber is free to connect and disconnect options at will and at any time. To do this, you can enlist the help of a specialist by phone or do it yourself through the Personal Account on the official website. In this article you will learn how to find out the maximum about Tele2 services, connect and disconnect them if necessary.

Learn services tele2

When connecting to Tele2, each subscriber gets access to various additional services, options and features of their tariff plan. In this case, its cost will be negotiated before the execution of the request, so you can choose the best offer for yourself.

Tele2 Services

To find out what services are relevant in Tele2 at the moment, go to the operator’s official website in the “Services” section or go to http://tele2life.ru/1/content/view/111/85/.

Most services are available to subscribers regardless of where they live and the tariff plan currently in use.Tele2 provides free and paid additional options.

Free Tele2 services:

  1. The ability to receive incoming calls with zero balance for a month.
  2. Recover lost SIM cards or replace a normal card with a micro-sim.
  3. Balance replenishment from bank cards without commission.
  4. Anti-spam service to block unwanted messages.
  5. The option "I am in touch" for automatic distribution to all who called you while the phone was disconnected or out of network coverage.

You can see other free services at http://tele2life.ru/1/content/view/623/.

Tele2 Services

How to activate the service tele2

The operator Tele2 has many useful services, each of which is connected via a unique USSD-code or through a personal account.

The list of service commands for connecting the most popular Tele2 services:

  1. Autopayment - register and enter the LK services at the address tele2.ru, go to the “New Autopayment” item, enter the required data (phone number, recharge amount, etc.)
  2. New number - to notify all of your friends about changing the phone number, send an SMS message with the text 81 previous number to the short phone 444.To deactivate the service, send SMS "89 old number" to the same phone.
  3. Ring tone - to activate the service, call 0550 and select a melody or activate it via your personal account. The automatic connection of the service is carried out by the USSD command * 115 * 1 # (disconnection by the command * 115 * 0 #).
  4. If you run out of money in the account, you can ask your relatives or friends to replenish the balance by sending the following combination * 123 * number of the person you are asking to replenish the account # and the call button.
  5. If during a call you want to remain anonymous and hide your number, dial * 117 * 1 # to activate the Anti-AON service. To disable Anti-AON, dial in the phone * 117 * 0 # and press the call button.

You can view a list of all services and how to activate them at http://tele2life.ru/1/content/view/111/85/.

How to disable all services on tel2

Tele2 Services

Quite often there are cases when Tele2 subscribers discover that they have paid services that they did not install. Some of these options come bundled with a new SIM card and turn on automatically. Funds are being debited from the account, and many subscribers do not know what to do in such situations.

If you want to disable all Tele2 paid services, you will first have to find out which of them are installed on your phone. Unfortunately, the team that would deactivate all the options has not yet been invented, so you have to spend some time.

How to find out what services are connected to Tele2:

  1. Through a personal account.
  2. Using the command * 153 #.
  3. USSD-command * 125 #.
  4. Dialing * 144 * 6 #

The easiest and fastest way to disable installed services is through the Personal Account. On the screen you will see a complete list and by pressing the button you can deactivate unnecessary options.


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