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Tesla Transformer


Simple Tesla Coil
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Simple Tesla Coil

Nikola Tesla truly ingenious inventor of all time. He practically created the whole modern world. Without his inventions we would for a long time did not know about the electric current that know now. One of Tesla’s bright and surprising inventions is
A simple plasma ball of a light bulb
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A simple plasma ball made of a light bulb

Many have heard about the plasma ball, but not everyone wants to spend money to buy it. Hams know that you can make it yourself. Alas, but for beginner radio amateurs the schemes on the Internet are rather complicated and incomprehensible. This article will help
Kacer Brovina from 220 volts
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Kacher Brovin from 220 volts

Kacher Brovina is a demonstration invention, very similar to the Tesla coil, but made in a completely different way. Kacher generates a voltage of about 1000 thousand volts, can ignite fluorescent lamps and gases in flasks, he also sparks and
Kacher Brovina and Tesla transformer

Kacher Brovina and Tesla Transformer

Kacher - a device that generates a high voltage (5000-20000 volts) high frequency. Do not be afraid - you will not be killed by a current if you touch it with your hand, but still be especially careful when you make this craft at home. It is not
Tesla transformer on Brovina Kacher from 220 volts
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Tesla transformer on Kacher Brovin from 220 volts

In this article I will talk about how to make Kacher Brovin relatively small power and the same set of parts.

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