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The difference between townhouses and cottages

In recent years, a growing trend of new construction of townhouses. In contrast to the countries of Europe and the USA, the construction of townhouses in Ukraine is still quite a rare phenomenon. However, now in Kiev and several other major cities of Ukraine, you can find these buildings. In this regard, the cottages are kept stable leadership.

Townhouses are not only and not so much country houses. They can be built within the city.

What are the key differences between townhouses and cottages?



A cottage is a separate residential building with a plot of land adjacent to it. Electricity and water he receives from the general communications system, which is held in the settlement.

Townhouse - low-rise residential building, divided into several separate rooms, apartments.


  1. Area. The total area of ​​a private house (cottage) ranges from 120 to 250 square meters. The area of ​​the townhouse is many times larger and ranges from 450 and more square meters.
  2. Property.The cottage is owned by the same family, in turn the townhouse is intended for several families and is jointly owned by several persons.
  3. Floors. A cottage can have up to three floors (in rare cases). The townhouse always has several floors.
  4. Price. If the cottage can do inexpensively, then to build a townhouse will have to spend a lot of money. This is obvious, since the construction materials are going more and the technology is much more complicated. Rates for a townhouse with a minimum area and amenities will cost from 470 thousand hryvnia.
  5. Service. Sewage system is rarely supplied to the cottage. Also for the cottage is characterized by the use of simple heating systems. Heating a townhouse requires a boiler room, etc.
  6. Technology. The work on building a townhouse is much more difficult than building a cottage and requires more time and knowledge.
  7. Land ownership. The size of the land plot, adjacent to the cottage, and to the townhouse, is approximately the same. However, land ownership is joint.

It is advisable to order the construction of townhouses on a turnkey basis if the person is ready to get along with the neighbors.Townhouse is easier to maintain and pay, because this duty is proportionally divided among all tenants. Prices for the construction of a townhouse are divided between future neighbors. The living room of a townhouse is thus more accessible than an apartment in the city.

The cottage provides a higher level of comfort, since the house is fully owned by the same family, but the maintenance costs are usually higher.


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