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The girl decided to paint the banquet in the colors of the sunset in a very unusual way

This textile upholstered bench fits perfectly into the classic interior. But the author of the alteration needed something more original. Among other things, the textiles had coffee stains, which were not washed. The girl wanted to paint the fabric in the colors of sunset, or as she likes to say, in the colors of the tail of the unicorn.

Author rework chose a very interesting way of applying paint.

To begin with, it was necessary to find a suitable picture and, referring to it, select the necessary colors of textile dyes.

Now you need to prepare a tool for coloring. Strange as it may sound, it was decided to use ordinary film as it. The girl spread her on the floor and traced the contour of her banquet. The film should be fixed on the floor with adhesive tape.

Now you need to apply the paint on the area that is outlined on the film.Dyes are applied in accordance with the planned pattern.

After that, the girl smeared the paint on the film with her hands so that the colors mix a little.

It seems that the drawing is exactly what you need.

The next step - to press the bench to the film, as it should!

After the bench is turned upside down, you can see that the paint is well imprinted on the textile part.

To further mix the colors, you need to moisten the bench with a spray bottle and rub the dyes with your hands.

The sides of the stools can be simply painted by applying dyes directly to the palms.

It remains to warm the paint so that it is firmly fixed on the textile.

The picture really looks like a sunset.

After the dyes have dried, the bench can be treated with a water-repellent spray. After that, the stool can be placed under the open sky.

Thanks to this unusual coloring, the author restored two banquettes at once. All spots disappeared under a wonderful picture. Creating one bench in the photo, the other - in the video. The method is suitable for painting any textile furniture or pillows.


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