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Feet is always warm

Warm and cozy in the house - it is very important. It is very nice to come home after a busy day, change clothes and put on warm, soft slippers. Good home shoes can be bought in the store, but it is much more pleasant to wear cozy, radiating warmly of your own hands, beautiful handmade slippers. To make cozy slippers for your home you need: - two multicolored hanks of warm threads. I used a mixed thread - acrylic with wool, purple and green. - a crochet hook for a size that is suitable for the thickness of the thread. - scissors, a needle and a thread for sewing.
 The legs are always warm
We begin to knit from the manufacture of the sole. First you need to make a chain of thirty two air loops.
 The legs are always warm
Then we tie a chain on both sides. At the ends, we knit two single crochets in one loop so that the canvas smoothly expands and does not bend.
 The legs are always warm
Second row we knit half from the columns without a crochet - fifteen pieces and columns with a crochet.This is done in order for the insole to expand from the heel to the toe.  The legs are always warm
The next row is knitted again only from the posts without nakida.  Feet is always warm So, alternating rows of exclusively columns without a crochet and those that split the insole in half, we knit it to the required size.
 The legs are always warm
When the insole is ready to proceed to the strapping and the formation of the slipper. First, simply tie the insole around the perimeter without any additions. The second row of knit crochets and air loops. In the lower loop we knit a crochet column, then we knit three air loops and in the same loop we knit the second column without a single crochet. The following groups are knitted with a pass to the three lower loops.  The legs are always warm Just like the second row, we knit the third.
 The legs are always warm
The fourth row differs from the third in that between the groups of crochets with crochets now we will knit not three air loops and two. In addition, we begin to narrow the sock.This is done simply: instead of groups, we knit only one double crochet until the sock is round. In the fifth row, the distance between the groups decreases again. Now we knit one air loop and narrow the sock more, and also narrow the heel a little. Finish all the strapping next to it. We carry it out with the thread that the insole is connected to.
 The legs are always warm
With the same thread we make a planochka with a buttonhole.
The legs are always warm
We tie two beads with green thread - they will serve as beautiful buttons, and sew them to the slippers. Feet Always in the warmth Such slippers will not only warm the legs, but also make them more elegant and beautiful.
The legs are always warm

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