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The most beautiful offender and another 25 stars who grow their copies

Woman’s Day has found celebrities who have raised their twins. Or themselves incredibly (I can not believe it!) Look like their parents.

The other day, the entire female half of humanity gasped enthusiastically: the most beautiful criminal in the world, Jeremy Mix, showed a photo of his youngest son. In total, we recall, there are three beautiful children. So, Jeremy Mixes Jr. turned out to be like two peas in a pod like his dad-model: the same piercing bright eyes, high forehead. Just a childlike innocent smile.

Moreover, the boy has already followed in the footsteps of his fathers. Not in the sense that trying to get behind bars to become famous. And that began to build a career model. Jeremy Jr. has already signed his first contract with a modeling agency. Well, and the second step - like all self-respecting models, Jeremy Jr. opened his Instagram account. The page is closed, you can see photos in it only with the approval of the owner."Face control" has already passed more than 50 thousand people.

Publication by JEREMY MEEKS (@jmeeksofficial)Oct 18 2017 at 3:06 pdt

Jim Jordan, renowned photographer and recruiter at White Cross Management modeling agency, filmed a model pair. And since he took up the promotion of a new star of podiums and gloss, then there is no doubt: the young Mix will go far. If only he did not turn out to be as treacherous as dad: he threw the mother of his children out of prison, and declared that he had found “his only one”. The only one was Chloe Green, the daughter of the owner of TopShop.

But this couple is far from the only one where father and son are so mind-blowingly similar. We collected another 25 celebrities who raised their owl copies.


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