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The role of sex in relationships


What is the role of sex in a relationship? Sex - in the true sense of the word - is not the road to intimacy, but its product. That is why I believe that sex should be left before marriage — a union in which the couple are bound by loyalty. Because genuine sexuality — with complete openness and the highest satisfaction — can only be born in a marriage union. Under any other conditions, sex becomes a source of heartache and entails a deterioration in relationships. The most vivid way a person’s vulnerability is manifested when he is stripped and ashamed of his nakedness. That is why, entering into sexual relations, a man and a woman should feel completely safe, feel calm, mutual love, care and emotional connection. Otherwise, sex will only crush, crush your relationship and cause separation and discord in the souls.


For sex to be truly personal and romantic, the prerequisite for it must be the emotional contact described in Chapter Three.Tell your husband: "I need to talk to you first, to feel sincere contact to come in a romantic mood. I want to feel the desire, but if you do not have a spiritual intimacy between us, and you just want sex, it's difficult for me. " There are, of course, exceptions. Spontaneous sex, sex for pleasure - this is also one of the joys of marriage. But, to be sure of the success of spontaneous sex, you should always keep an eye on the pulse of your relationship with your spouse.


The same is true of the very process of merging into one flesh. Be constantly in touch with your feelings - love for your spouse, wife and warmth. When, along with physical pleasure, there is a feeling of tender care for a partner, the soul and body seem to unite. And in such moments neither in you, nor in the spouse, nor between you there is no discord. And there is no division into the physical and the soul.


When you focus only on your own feelings and feelings, then your pleasure is incomplete. That is, less personal, it lacks an element of communication. The best sex is when you pay enough attention to your partner.Pleasure increases many times when you enjoy the pleasure that you bring to your partner, and not just your own. Thus, you embrace a whole range of sensations: the feeling of love for a partner and the feeling of your attractiveness, your physical sensations and the physical sensations of your partner. Such intentional focusing on a partner greatly enhances sexual enjoyment.


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