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The secrets of the right tan in the solarium

The secrets of the right tan in the solariumSwarthy skin has been fashionable for several decades. Chocolate shade gives beauties extra sexuality and attractiveness. But it is not necessary to languish under the hot sun and go hundreds of kilometers to turn into a dark beauty. Tanning in a tanning salon will help you quickly and effectively achieve the desired shade. It is important to know the rules of a good tan. Otherwise, you can permanently spoil your appearance and health.

Solarium and its benefits

There are many myths about the dangers of artificial sunburn. In fact, tanning in a tanning salon can even be helpful.

  • Due to the effects of ultraviolet radiation, vitamin D3 enters the body.
  • Receiving the energy of light in the human body activates the production of endorphin - a hormone that makes a person happy.
  • Filters in modern beauty salons protect against gamma radiation. Therefore, a safe tanning bed is far from a fairy tale.It is much more likely to harm the body under the hot sun than in the medical center.

The secrets of the right tan in the solarium

How to prepare for tanning in a solarium?

Ideally, before visiting a beauty salon, you should consult with a specialist. Pass a gynecologist, dermatologist and endocrinologist. You should forget about artificially giving a dark shade in the following diseases:

  • oncology;
  • hypertension;
  • thyroid disease;
  • dermatitis;
  • with a tendency to the appearance of moles.

It is better to postpone a visit to your beautician, if menstruation has begun, you are pregnant, breastfeeding. In this case, often girls are interested in the question, whether it is possible in a tanning salon with herpes. Although this is a dermatological disease, a tanning bed not only does not harm, but also helps to quickly overcome the ailment. Similarly, tan will facilitate the course of psoriasis, eczema, rheumatism and reduce acne.
Do not peel and hair removal before going to the solarium. On the appointed day, do not take a shower with gel or soap. Thus you dissolve the natural fatty shell on the skin, because of what you can burn.

How to sunbathe?

The secrets of the right tan in the solarium
First, determine your skin type.On how to sunbathe in the solarium with fair skin, you will not always tell the beautician. Blondes and red-haired girls who are prone to freckles, for the first time in a tanning salon it is not recommended to stay longer than 3-5 minutes. Brown-haired women with a southern type of skin can go to the solarium, both to work. And ladies with skin the color of melted milk should not lie under the lamp for longer than 5 minutes, so as not to burn.
The secrets of the right tan in the solarium

  • Discuss with a specialist all the nuances of your first tan. Find out where the session termination button is in case you get sick.
  • If you wear contact lenses, be sure to remove them. Also set aside accessories and jewelery.
    Wear special safety glasses.
  • To prevent hair from becoming brittle and dull, protect it with a regular cotton hat.
  • Stickers in the solarium should give you in order to cover their breasts and tattoos.
  • Apply special cosmetic substances on the body. And enjoy the light effect.

The first session will be the shortest, then the duration of the light effects will increase.
Returning home, relax, apply moisturizing cream, charge the body with vitamin juice or herbal tea.


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