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The son sent his full-sized portrait to his mother, and this is what happened.

Dalton Ross wanted to make sure that his family would not miss him too much while he was studying in London.

To help his family more easily cope with separation, a 22-year-old student sent his mother a cardboard figure with his photo.

Dalton thought his parents would just laugh at his joke and hide his gift in some room. But the student's mom had more interesting plans for the cardboard figure.

Dalton's mother, Tally, decided that the son's figure can be an excellent companion at various events. Therefore, "Dalton" attended a family celebration and even went to a basketball game. I wonder if you can find him among the other fans?

And then it was time to visit the doctor ...

And have a sandwich at a local cafe. The fake Dalton even celebrated Valentine's Day with a suitable subject of adoration. It seems that he likes walks in the sunny day in the company of a four-legged companion.

Before going to sleep, Dalton, like many of us, likes to read a little. Photos of Dalton have become popular with netizens around the world. After downloading the photo taken by the mother with the fake Dalton, the real son got a lot of new subscribers. He just wanted to share with his friends the way that mom is having fun, photographing his portrait. But the story received a very large response online. Once Fake Dalton was even recognized in one of the restaurants and presented him a gift card. On the one hand, the student is amused by this state of affairs; on the other hand, it scares a little ...

Fake Dalton is even trying to play sports ...

And here is a walk through the night streets. And even the celebration of Easter in the family circle has not been without him ...

Although the reaction of the subscribers and the unusual popularity of the photos surprised him, the act of his mother did not come as a big surprise to him. Indeed, according to Dalton, she always had a great sense of humor.

Well, the family found a great way to survive a long separation. An incredible sense of humor helped to create a joke that was appreciated by many. The main thing is for the real Dalton to find a place in his family after returning from school.


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