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The world has touched a wedding, to which no one came

No hurricane can stoptrue love.

A young couple from China was in an awkward situation, when almost no one came from the invited 300 people to their wedding. It was last weekend, when one of the most powerful hurricanes in recent years swept in several areas of China. Therefore, many people decided to follow the warnings and stay at home for the sake of safety.

But this did not stop the bride Zhou Tian, ​​who still decided to go down the aisle to her chosen one. As she thought, there was almost no one in the large decorated hall, but the bridegroom was waiting for her at the altar. Of the 300 guests, only 10 of the closest relatives arrived.

Exchanging wedding oaths, Zhou said: “No guests - this is nothing, no one to support me — nothing, no fireworks — nothing, either.

I only need you, and it does not matter even if you come here drenched from head to toe. Whatever happens, I will marry you. ”

These words touched those few who were in the hall, so they even decided to share this story on the web. And she gathered thousands of likes and reposts.


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