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Good day to all. Many are now fascinated by the modeling of salt dough, and I also got carried away. It is really very interesting and fascinating. I want to introduce you to my crafts from this material. For this job I needed: - Salty dough of brown, white, green, pink and yellow color. - Plastic bottle. - Scissors. - Board. - Skalka.
- Knife. - Gouache. - Brush. - Toothpick or wire. - Lacquer. First, I cut off the bottom of a plastic bottle. Made a flower pot.
 Made a flower pot
Stoned it with a brown dough.
 Dug in with his dough
After took the dough green. Roll it in about 0.5-0.8 ml. and with the help of a knife she cut out leaves from it. I made no big cuts on them.
 green dough
I made seven such leaves. Then I "planted" them in a pot. Do not forget that there must be a mug with water near your hand.With the help of wet fingers, we smooth the joints or fasten the parts together.
 made petals
From white test I made petals for a future flower. I made them, too, seven pieces. I also planted these petals in a pot, in a staggered manner with respect to the leaves.
 Pot with a flower
Pot with a flower is ready. Then I started doing Thumbelina. To do this, took the dough pink and rolled up a small sausage. This is the girl's torso.
 dough ball
From the dough of the same dough, I rolled up a ball. This will be the head.
Torso with a small piece of wire connected with the head and "planted" the workpiece in the center of the flower. I tried to make the nose and eyebrows on my face.
 imitation of fingers
Then she rolled two sausages and with the help of a knife made an imitation of fingers. Attached to the body after the hand.
I made my hair out of the yellow dough. I rolled a lot of thin sausages and attached them with water to my head.Then I left the craft for drying. She dried with me for about a week. As soon as the work was dry, I painted her eyes and mouth and varnished the craft.
That's what Thumbelina I got. Goodbye, to new meetings.

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