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Tip 2: How unusual to meet the New Year in Europe

Those who travel frequently in Europe, on New Year's Eve will find themselves in a completely different environment and will recognize familiar places from a new side. And newcomers will learn a new world and will experience new positive emotional turmoil from an extraordinary New Year's meeting in one of the European countries. So, go:
1. Austria. Vein. Those who used to be in this beautiful city probably remembered its breathtaking architecture and magnificent Hofburg Imperial Palace with 2600 rooms and rooms, in which, it seems, the heroic spirit of the Hapsburg dynasty still hovers.
Every New Year's night in the Grand Palace Reception Hall there is a real journey through time: here the administration organizes a complete copy of the Royal Vienna Ball of the XVIII-XIX centuries, which includes the "presence" of the Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife - he traditionally opens the event.Actors-twins are chosen so skillfully that those present experience a complete immersion in the entourage of that era. The ball is accompanied by a string orchestra playing a polonaise, waltzes and quadrille.
A mandatory condition of attendance at the ball - evening dresses and tuxedos, which can be rented. This is a very popular event among the Austrians, and they all dance quite well, so learning a few “pas” waltz will not hurt.
2. Lapland. Rovaniemi. Want to please your children and a little fall into childhood? Then the course for Lapland is the birthplace of the bearded Santa Claus, which is located beyond the Arctic Circle. At the same time remember the tales of Hans Christian Andersen and Selma Lagerlöf about the Snow Queen and Nils with wild geese. There, they say, and is the home of Santa Claus. He lives on the mountain Korvatunturi, and in the days of the New Year and Christmas, he will certainly come to his office in the town of Rovaniemi.
Here is a huge amount of New Year's entertainment events: concerts, festivals, exhibitions. And on the very New Year's Eve everyone will attend a big gala concert. If this is not enough for you - go to the town of Ranua, where there is a huge Arctic zoo, and at the same time visit the castle "Mur-mur" - this is an unusual fabulous park with dwarves, witches and wood goblins.After such a fright, sweeten the impression well - this will help make the confectionary factory Fazer, it is very close there.
3. Holland. Amsterdam. Everyone knows that this is a city of fun, where you can get a holiday and a good mood for every taste. Apparently, God himself ordered to meet the New Year here. What you can experience the unusual in Amsterdam on New Year's Eve?
This is a city with an extensive network of canals, so it is called the “second Venice”. On New Year's Eve there are just crowds of tourists, but you can still surprise everyone around you if you order the “boat of your dreams” for this fabulous night. True, this service will require a group of 4 people, but is it difficult? Here you swim to a nightclub on a personal boat in the festive lights. Having enjoyed a boat trip, you will really get “from ship to ball”.
4. France. Paris. Classic never goes out of fashion ever, Paris will forever remain in the heart of someone who has been in it at least once. Remember the film "The Crown of the Russian Empire" and the famous scene in the Eiffel Tower. On this New Year's Eve, you can easily reproduce a scene from a movie in a restaurant with the original name Le Jules Verne.
A breathtaking view opens from the personal viewing platform of the restaurant. How touching to see New Year's Paris in the most happy moments for all people - the moment of the meeting of the New Year, which from that second went across the planet.
5. Italy. Milan. Europe offers a lot of original for the New Year. What about opera? December 31 evening, the troupe of the legendary "La Scala", which has a more than 330-year history of productions, is waiting for you in its theater. Of course, the very moment of the New Year, the actors also want to meet in the circle of their loved ones. However, on the eve of New Year's Eve, they will gladly present you with a meeting with La Traviata opera of the great Giuseppe Verdi.
And after the opera on one of the squares of Milan, you can listen to the New Year's chimes accompanied by the unchanging fireworks. Let it be a new year dedicated to culture.
6. England. London. Fans of thrills will be able to meet the New Year on the London Eye, one of the largest Ferris wheels of the whole world. Its height is 135 m, it is equipped with 32 fully enclosed and air-conditioned capsule cabins, which are made in the shape of an egg.Imagine a buffet in a capsule that weighs 10 tons and accommodates a company of 25 passengers? You slowly rise above London and see a colorful New Year show raging in the city. Digital cockpit lighting echoes the fireworks of mass festivities, which you can join in 30 minutes - during this time a full turn of the wheel ends. However, you can order a few turns and arrange a real Christmas carousel in the air.
7. Spain. Barcelona Incendiary Christmas flamenco - what could be more original? This night in the Palace of Flamenco (Palacio del Flamenco) a harmonious ensemble of dancers, guitarist and singer presents a New Year's show of flamenco, which will bring you closer to the symbol of Spanish culture. On this night, the artists will take you through the tape of time - this is a real journey through different genres of dance in the form of a real performance. The action consists of several dance numbers performed by different artists.
Anyone who has not seen a real flamenco will appreciate the diversity of its styles and trends, and experts will enjoy the show performed by leading masters.

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