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Types of lawns. Preparing for planting a lawn

Landscaping is inconceivable without the device of lawns. They are the main component of this industry. In order to properly and correctly equip a lawn, it is necessary to perform high-quality soil preparation for it.

Lawn types

If you plan to organize a lawn on your site, you need to understand what kinds of them are.

Rolled lawn

This type of lawn is not demanding on soil conditions. Despite this, the preparation of soil for its arrangement still needs to be addressed: the better the soil is prepared for it, the less it will be necessary to subsequently take care of the lawn and the better it will take root. If low-moor peat is present in the composition of the soil under a lawn, then the attractiveness of a lawn can be greatly reduced due to the fact that its uniformity is affected. Peat moss is an ideal weed propagation medium. If they start to grow, you can do little.Therefore, in any case, soil preparation is an important and crucial moment.

Seeding lawn

More capricious. It should be especially careful to approach the issue of soil preparation for planting a lawn.

Stages of work

Work on the arrangement of the lawn of any kind begins with the preparation of the soil. First, the soil is imported, characterized by high fertility and adapted specifically for growing the lawn. If it is required by sowing crops, the soil is deoxidized.

Before we start planting a lawn, weeds are completely weeded and the soil is finally prepared, which includes:

  • Soil mixing. To achieve uniformity of the soil, the fertile soil that was just introduced is mixed with the one that was already on the site.
  • Sifting the resulting soil to remove all foreign objects in the soil.
  • Add the necessary fertilizers. Different crops require different fertilizers, or they may not be needed at all. Therefore, the implementation of this step depends entirely on those crops that are supposed to be planted.
  • Final soil preparation for planting.It is necessary to perform the planning of the soil, carefully align it and roll it.

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